Horde Guild Mentoring

Greeting Horde! To our happiness and surprise, Focus Fire was chosen by Blizzard as the Hordeside Garona guild in their new guild mentoring program!

New to Warcraft? Curious how it works? Would you like a friendly, experienced environment to help you, "learn the ropes?" Look no further!

Focus Fire (Name may change to "Horde Mentoring Guild... not kidding heehee) is a Blizzard sponsored mentoring guild for new players.


A guild? What's this? Let me start at the beginning. The very beginning!

Guilds are groups of players who have agreed to play together and receive certain perks. For example, guilds have their own chat box settings, so you can say things just to your guildmates, ask questions, etc. Additionally, guilds give perks to their members, including faster levelling, bonus crafting materials, and special mounts and companion pets. Most importantly, though, a guild is a place where you make friends. People you know, you play with on a regular basis, and who know you. Guilds are what make the massively multiplayer online experience so great; it's a group of people, including you, who share stories, complete tasks in game together, and just let you have fun playing the game with like minded people.

That being said, what is the guild mentoring program? Focus Fire has volunteered our many experienced members' and officers' time to help out people new to the game, or coming back to world of warcraft. We have a very collegial, friendly environment with many VERY experienced players (I've been playing since 2005, for example!) who are willing and eager to help people learn the game! We are open to any new players, or coming-back-from-taking-a-long-break-players, who want a friendly, non judgmental environment to learn the game, ask questions, and meet new people. We will roll new toons (start new, low level characters) to run dungeons or quest with you, to offer advice on etiquette in an MMO, and to help you learn to play the game.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please /who Focus Fire in game (in your chat log, type "/who Blizzard Mentor Horde"), whisper any of the members (type /w <insert member name here> in your chat box) and ask for an officer. If one of us is on (we should be) we'll start the process! Alternatively, you can ask that person for my (Stoneheart) real ID name, or our GM Belatryx, and add one or both of us as a friend... it's possible I'm playing Diablo 3 or Starcraft :) If, for whatever reason, they can't find it, remind them that info is in the guild note tab! Of course, you can also reply to this thread and we'll monitor it and do our best to find you in-game.

ps- Some cynical people might ask, "What do you guys get out of doing this? Why would you want to help new players?!" It's a valid question! First and foremost, we're always looking to meet new in-game friends. Secondly, many of us just like helping people, and know from our own experiences learning an MMO that it can be a daunting task to try and learn how to play the game, as well as learning etiquette with other people/groups in an MMO, and learning to run dungeons, raids, etc. Third? We have been an end-game raiding guild for years. We were second hordeside to kill Heroic Madness of Deathwing (the "last boss" in the Cataclysm expansion). However, due to the standard attrition inherent in a game that is nearly 8 years old, we were unable to raid 25 mans by the middle of the expansion, having only 2 10 man raid groups. Many of us loved raiding 25 mans. We looked at this as an opportunity to help new people learn the game, but also, to perhaps find more raiders to fill a 25 man raid. NOTE- you do not have to be interested in raiding to join! We'll help everybody equally!

Thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing you in game :)
Punch and pie will be served along with a free hat!
And if you are like "What? Horde? I play Alliance!" Join the <Blizzard Mentor Alliance>, formerly <Fair Enough>, and we will be there to help you learn your class, role, or just reply to your questions!

Your post was too good not to respond. I did not mean to Ninja it!

Not a ninja, however... if you're UNDECIDED on your faction? GO HORDE! BOLSTER OUR NUMBERS! We're outnumbered quite strongly on Garona... roll an ugly race, you know you want to!
Psh i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed invites back to guild BROHAMS
lol. poor newbs.
</3 shy D:
Free Hat? I AGREE, LETS FREE HAT!!!!!!!!!!!
Just following up on this! The more people the better! Come check us out!
We've picked up some great people so far, it's nice opening the roster window and seeing a bunch of people on when historically this close to an Xpac it's a ghost town.
You're the devil... Why would people join you.... Gawd...
I wondered what had happened to your guild name, congratulations! I'm a little late of course (as is my way) but none the less, great job!
Amazing Guild, Thinking of picking up mob to play again. :D
Get green text they said. Leave the app writing to Debriatus they said.

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