<Opponent> Sponsoring Realm lvl 1 Gnome Race

Level 1 Realm Gnome Race open to Stormrage.

Race will be on September 8th and begin at 2:00pm Server Time!

Pre-registration not required! Just show up!

Must be a level 1 gnome!

  • Race will start at gates to Stormwind / Elwynn Forest and end at Gadgetzan.
  • We will run to Goldshire, take a left towards Redridge Mountains.
  • Run to Three Corners in Redridge Mountains, take a right to Duskwood.
  • Take left past the Yorgen Farmstead towards Stranglethorn Vale
  • Take boat from Booty Bay to Ratchet.
  • Run towards Crossroads turning south just before it, meeting up with the road south
  • Die in lava trench that divides Northern and Southern Barrens
  • Rez at the graveyard on other side of lava trench in The Overgrowth
  • Head south to Thousand Needles
  • Jump in water, swim Southeast to road to Gadgetzan from Thousand Needles.

Keyword above is run! Anyone riding in any mounts or being summoned during the race will be disqualified.

  • If you die, you must return to your corpse except at the lave trench dividing northern & southern barrens.
  • Get a speed enchant on your boots.
  • Must be in a party group so we can track progression.

There will be guild members on mounts on their 85's running with us to monitor the race.

  • 1st place - 10,000 gold
  • 2nd place - 5,000 gold
  • 3rd place - 2,500 gold

Gold will be mailed immediately after the race is over.
For a map check out:
lol, sounds fun.
Yeah we do it once a month ourselves and have a blast. We got some videos of them on our website, posted on homepage, bottom section has news, go back a few pages and check out our earlier ones too!

Plus its an easy 10k!
its very fun, i recommend it to everyone
Only 1 day away!
4pm today! Be there!
^ What she said
I will definitely say it was a fun race. If anyone sees this ran again, I highly recommend it. Takes a little bit of skill and a ton of luck to win but its absolutely hilarious seeing all the little gnomes get aggro and bite the dust.
Yeah thanks for coming and good job winning Solidus! :)

Banished is working on the video for it and will post it on our website sometime this evening I'm sure.

This was a lot of fun though, thank you to everyone who came. We will be doing these some more in the future for this realm.
Video of the realm gnome race is made and posted on our website homepage at http://opponent-guild.com.

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