<Guild Mentor Horde> Looking for New Players

Hello there!

Are you new to playing the World of Warcraft?
Have you been playing the game for a while but have lots of questions?
Do you want to learn to play better and find out lesser known game mechanics?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should join us in <Guild Mentor Horde>!

We are a Level 25 Horde Guild here on Garrosh that has been chosen by Blizzard to be a part of the Guild Mentoring Program. We are striving to help new and less knowledgeable players to learn more about the game and to have more fun while playing. Our veteran players are stepping up and are more than willing to answer your questions and help you improve your skills while you are in our guild.

We also have a forum dedicated to the mentoring program and compiling information on different classes and other parts of Warcraft if you want to check it out:


If you are at all interested in joining us, please type "/who Guild Mentor Horde" and send a /whisper to any of our online members.

If you want more in-depth information, please feel free to contact Avocado, Pandasauce, or Pocketninja in game.

Thank you for your time.

For the Horde!
I'm Avocado, and I support this message! PUNCH AND PIE PEOPLE!! PUNCH AND PIE!
Sticky Please.
Updated post slightly.
I didn't get any punch and pie. Can you make me some more? While you're at it, a sammich sounds lovely.
Welcome to all new members! Looking forward to our official tour the world of warcraft event next week WOOP WOOP! :DD

edit: spelling is hard :P
We are glad to have all our new members and still have room for more!
If you're new or returning and looking for a place to hang your hat then come find us! We would love to have you! <333
Whoa, green text. :-)
My goodness, it's been nearly 2 years since you left to hop into another guild and you're still trolling our recruiting threads? That's dedication. It makes me really sad that you are so hurt by your own actions that you choose to say things that are untrue. Here is some sad music and hotlines that might help you get through this difficult time:


09/13/2012 08:44 PMPosted by Haidaire
If your new to WoW don't join the blizzard mentor guild of garrosh. It was formerly named audacity and the raid leaders are a joke. During beginning cataclysm raid they would make 25 of us group up and clear to nefarion and cho'gall then bring in their 10 man "Group of officers" which was basically their favorites that they chose to promote to officer but had no business being one. They are a very inappropriate guild and by far the worse example of "helpers" if you want to carry a group of officers through MOP to get switched out with favorites for the tier bosses join them. I was the top performing dps throughout pretty much every fight up to cho'gall and nefarion. Just a friendly announcement to those so they don't waste their time. With love ~Psychoclown.

Yeah you have a great attitude, it surely explains why you aren't guilded and have no content cleared.

We are just here to help, please don't spam and spread lies in our thread.
Sadly, it's a story as old as the stars in the sky. Someone with a poor attitude joins a guild, rubs everyone the wrong way, claims that they are some sort of gift to mankind, and then stalks the guild in an effort to ruin them when all they really end up doing is showing everyone exactly why they were not invited to off-night sillyness.

We care more about the synergy of our community and raid team more than big numbers. Being #1 is not our goal. Enjoying the game is! If we were such bad people, I don't think Blizzard would have selected us for the honor of helping new and returning players. It's been a blast so far! :)

Now let's all boogie to OPA GANGNAM STYLE!!

word avo, its nice to have a place where people can go to get help and answers to for their class or spec, besides people tring to troll them in trade or just saying go goggle it. this is no raid on our parade as we love to sing in the rain.

I agree with Avo. Officers have the worst job in the guild. I have been here almost 2 years and I have never seen them pick any favorites. We raid 3 nights a week and raiders have a ton of input on guild direction. That comment is just pure nonsense. The mentoring program is going very well so far.
well as the raid leader at the beginning of cata, and all the way through firelands i can guarantee this never happened. we would raid and kill everything we could in 25 man, and the faster the better imo. i don't know who you are and i dont really care. simple fact is that world is over and your being childish you were prolly never brought to things cause you whined qq'd and talked like a child. and people in the guild/raid disliked you so therefore voted you out of the island sir~ or ma'am

"upon reading what you said thoroughly i now remember you as the emo kid who everyone hated and didn't want around. officers guild-mates alike. and only reason you were in guild as long as you were was because abs would not allow me to kick you. this is also why you were never brought to anything on off nights.

people doing off night progression to learn fights or get gear to better themselves for the guild to make fights easier for everyone do not want to take a whiny crybaby emo faced jerk with them for 3 hours.. "

edited spelling and the part in quotes
I sense mad in the force. Funny how the officers were so quick to reply, You guys had no problem using my #1 dps to clear you guys to end bosses so you could switch and hoard the tokens for officers. Avo if i wanted to speak to a person of the night i would stop by the corner go away with your terrible dps.

And as for comments #progression, i got accepted into a guild that had far more heroic kills than you but decided to quit wow because it is horrible and i have only played on casual occasions when my friend's wanted to play. Wow is totally srs. I doubt you guys really help anyone learn the game.

Wanna know why you got accepted as mentor? Because this is such a low pop server that no one else cared to apply for it. Java you know me we talked a fair amount and i'm pretty sure you were one of the people that they sat too during end boss kills.

And as for clearing H DS you guys did it when it got mega nerfed and was no longer a challenge as if it was a challenge at launch anyway aside from spine, But that's alright keep playing yourself off as being some 1337 guild of guild helpers. And i wasn't booted i left.

I do what i want. #1 dps audacity has seen. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

PS. Wow is super gewd and srs.

huh..I dont know you at all. I wasnt even in the guild back then. The fact that you came to this forum and took the time at all to post on a thread that had nothing to do with you now or then, shows a weird and sad bit of anger and bitterness. As you said in a sarcastic tone, "wow is super gewd and srs". Its pathetic and desperate that you had to take time out of real life to come and post jealous and childish nonsense in a thread thats in no way related to you. Are you warning others away? Trying to be a bringer of justice or something to the Garrosh server? Can you sleep easy tonight thinking you did some good deed by posting here?

You seem to talk about WoW being just a game yet you are extremely hung up on it obviously: talking about rankings/meters, coming here to post, etc. its stalkerish in a weird way. Usually if you dont like something, you ignore it. I guess you cant do that? I mean if you truly didnt like the guild, why come here 2 or 3 years later to rage about it? I doubt anyone here even remembers or knows you man?

Also, since you clearly are blinded by your bitterness, a number of guilds did apply to be mentor. But thats neither here nor there. Im not sure why you are following the guild so much since you are long gone from it (beginning of Cata you say? Why you still stalking?) but while your posts dont bother me too much, what does bother me is this attachment/failure to let go and move on. seriously, its creepy man. I mean read a book or take up knitting, play a sport to get the stress out? Embrace religion and let go of the rage.
I've been in this guild only several months and I'm not sure where this Haidaire guy is coming from. My thought is if there was even a glimmer of truth to what he said, I would have seen proof of that in some form, and I've seen nothing even close to the attitudes or actions he's indicated. There's no way I would have lasted this long if any of those kinds of shenanigans were going on, I would have left immediately. These guys know their stuff, and are always willing to help anyone. I'll just note one more thing, according to Haidaire

09/14/2012 04:43 PMPosted by Haidaire
I do what i want. #1 dps audacity has seen. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

then why did you decide

09/14/2012 04:43 PMPosted by Haidaire
to quit wow because it is horrible and i have only played on casual occasions when my friend's wanted to play

Seems to me that the players who are the best dps play the game because they genuinely like it, and they play more than on a casual basis. Your post has the feel of sour grapes to me, sorry. And that's my 2 cents...

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