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huh..I dont know you at all. I wasnt even in the guild back then. The fact that you came to this forum and took the time at all to post on a thread that had nothing to do with you now or then, shows a weird and sad bit of anger and bitterness. As you said in a sarcastic tone, "wow is super gewd and srs". Its pathetic and desperate that you had to take time out of real life to come and post jealous and childish nonsense in a thread thats in no way related to you. Are you warning others away? Trying to be a bringer of justice or something to the Garrosh server? Can you sleep easy tonight thinking you did some good deed by posting here?

You seem to talk about WoW being just a game yet you are extremely hung up on it obviously: talking about rankings/meters, coming here to post, etc. its stalkerish in a weird way. Usually if you dont like something, you ignore it. I guess you cant do that? I mean if you truly didnt like the guild, why come here 2 or 3 years later to rage about it? I doubt anyone here even remembers or knows you man?

Also, since you clearly are blinded by your bitterness, a number of guilds did apply to be mentor. But thats neither here nor there. Im not sure why you are following the guild so much since you are long gone from it (beginning of Cata you say? Why you still stalking?) but while your posts dont bother me too much, what does bother me is this attachment/failure to let go and move on. seriously, its creepy man. I mean read a book or take up knitting, play a sport to get the stress out? Embrace religion and let go of the rage.

Lawl. Sheer boredom caused me to look at garrosh forums and when i saw that audacity got chosen for MENTORS when they are the complete opposite i had to say something. And there were plenty of members that hated the way things were run during BWD and BOT, they just didnt say anything to the officers, i did. So let me ask again. You mad?

Typical troll "HERP DERP HAHA U MAD LULZ U GUIZ R SO BAD IM GOOD" :| come on bro, try a little bit harder.

Edit: To answer your question, yes we are EXTREMELY mad. Like dog with rabies mad, you just ruined our whole weekend. Thats how mad you got us -_-
Im not mad at all...confused why some guy would come here, years later, and take the time out of real life to post and keep on posting. If anyone is mad, its clearly YOU! You keep coming back to these forums out of "boredom" to keep posting. Dont you have friends in real life? A girlfriend or something? I mean I am sure you can think of other productive things to do then keep posting here. No?

If I were mad, I'd be cussing and calling you names, doing personal attacks, etc. Kinda like what you did a few posts back. But Im not stalking people years later to vent and bring some personal crusade to a realm of people who dont even know me. Whatever legion of old Audacity guild mates that were mad at the guild years ago but didnt say anything, clearly have moved on and do not have this lingering mental issue you seem to have.

Like you said, its a "srs" video game; why keep spending time and moments of your real life to comment when no one really cares?

Nah Im not mad bro, confused and honestly, concerned for your well being. Its not really normal/sane to have so much bitterness over a video game, years later....The fact of the matter is, I can goto sleep tonight and think, "Wow that guy on the forum was a goof" and then go about my business like nothing happened. The question is, can you?
Kadath I think this maybe the real Joleen coming for revenge. I'm scared now.
now Ive been called many many things before my stalking friend, but pumpkin hasnt been one of them. I do admit I am round, and I absolutely love just about anything pumpkin: pie, seeds, etc. But I protest that I am not orange...

Explain one thing to me buttercup. Was it that you guys are angry or patheric. Because if you really stalk the garrosh forums to see if anything has been said about you that hurts your feelings i would say pathetic. And if someone in guild happened to mention this in guildchat or vent then i would have to go with mad because you felt the need to come here with backup and reply.

Buttercups sure are a pretty flower.
Well lets analyze that post and your thought process:

a) Im on Garrosh and in the guild.

b) You posted an out of line post on a recruitment thread that is on the Garrosh forums.

c) Im concerned the guild has a bitter stalker that is coming back years later in a strange attempt to disrupt recruitment process for newer people.

it has nothing to do with being angry; it has to do with responding to someone that clearly has mental issues and a bitterness issue and wont simply flush away. Im troubled that someone I dont know is coming here spewing poop out with no rhyme or reason and keeps at it thinking they are doing something positive or good with their time.

You keep using words like "pathetic" and "hurt" but the thing is, no one is hurt and no one is angry. People are weirded out about your mental state that you would spend all this time stalking us and posting when you havent been in the guild for years. Now, lets talk about "pathetic"...
Sure you can do what you want, then dont be surprised if me or anyone else responds to you! You asked if I was mad and I explained myself, clearly, to you! I appreciate the snookums and pumpkin pet names, but we dont even know each other :/
uh oh..you're adding a level of mystery and suspense!
It's ok if you don't want to talk to me. But I wont turn my back on someone who is clearly crying so loudly for attention. If you ever need to talk to someone, I'm here for you. Or, I could give you the contact information of some people who could really help you. This crusade that you are on is truly troubling and the stress just isn't good for you. Seek help man.
Psychoclown, don't be jelly, bro.

I thought Emo kids were supposed to be empathetic, not hateful.
Who is this guy and why does he care so much?

I mean, I don't get it. I've never seen someone hook back up W.o.W. that disliked it (and I know a lot of people who dislike it) just to talk on the forums to a guild they didn't like. I haven't been here that long, but unless you are something between a boy and a girl that played a druid horribly or took offense to certain people's gruff attitudes (and lets face it, some people just can't deal with that), I can't think of why you would be so mad.

Before the mentor program, which we took seriously, we were a guy's club. I'll admit it. Nightly we'd break down and hand out large loads of crap to everyone who was raiding about being a bad class, spec, transmog, human being, or even saying something wrong. But that's the code we live by.

It's the guy code of, What is the response when someone makes fun of you?

If you whine, you're a d*uchebag and not worth the time

If you come back with some kind of attempt to level the playing field, welcome brother!

But when we got into mentoring, we knew that wasn't for everyone, so we made sure that how we addressed new people wasn't like that. It's something we focused on and discussed at great lengths, and honest and truly, I don't know why you care.

I mean lets face facts, lets say for a minute, you work for Burger King (stretch, I know, but bear with me) and you got fired or quit one day after feeling like you were being treated unfairly by management. Who is to say in even 6 months time it would be the same place when you came back even if the allegations were true?

It's a simple case of massive logic holes, like the movie "Inception". And much like said movie, I feel we're at the end when the van is taking half a year to hit the water and we're all just waiting for the kick and it be over.
I know what you wanted to do, I've read the last 2 pages.

In that time i've watched you dodge questions with internet slang and call Kadath enough pet names that if you did it to a chick, they'd file a restraining order. I've watched some massive contradictions too, like scream #1 dps and then devalue the entire game.

And as for sharing a bad experience to try and educate the world, great, but your vehemency in your posting has honestly let me to believe its much more than that. You've gone way past a customer complaint card and are in full West borough Baptist Church mode. "God Hates Fags" and standing outside out guild telling everyone they are going to hell if they side with us.

I just don't understand why you care so much. Why do I? Cause I am the new #1 dps for DS and I do what I want.

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