<Guild Mentor Horde> Looking for New Players

Regardless if your opinion is based on fact or not, the guild is currently working to do a good job as a mentor guild. Time goes on, people change and in some cases, mature as well.

We are working hard to find new players on Garrosh and help them learn the game and improve their playing. So far, I believe we have been able to accomplish these goals and would be glad to keep doing more.

I would appreciate it if you could keep your out-dated opinion of the guild to yourself and stop trying to discourage new players from joining a Guild who only wants to help them learn.
I, myself, would like to thank Haidaire for posting on this thread.

"Why would she do that?" you might think to yourself.

The answer is simple. There will always be people that like to sow the seeds of discord. Trade chat on any WoW server is proof of that. But what I have seen here from the people I am proud to call guildmates is not a flaming attack back, but a reasonable, logical, and caring response that goes further than any recruitment statement could to show potential new recruits the true nature of Guild Mentor Horde - Garrosh.

Are we perfect? Of course not. Are we a one size fits all guild? No. Do we learn and grow every day and want to share our experiences with others in hopes to make Garrosh a better place to spend our leisure time? Without a doubt! If this sounds like a place you would like to be to get the most out of YOUR WoW experience, come join us and make my Azerothian family yours.

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