[BUG] Unending Resolve

Bug Report
I had popped my Unending Resolve in an Arathi Basin and within two seconds was hit with a silencing shot when the tooltip on Unending Resolve reads that I cannot be interrupted or silenced for 8 seconds.
I had this happen to me as well yesterday, I hope it's a bug in the spell and not a bug in the tooltip.
This has happened to me multiple times. At first, I thought it got purged, but I checked my buffs and it was still there. Highly annoying.
I've been silenced (during Unending Resolve) by a Shadow Priest, Death Knight, a Druid, a Fel Hunter's Spell Lock, a Warlock who used Grimore of Sacrifice gave them the ability to cast Spell Lock. Not to by cynical, but I've come to the conclusion that Unending Resolve doesn't actually do anything besides damage reduction.

I also had a couple instances of being stunned and sapped during Unending Resolve. The GMs I've spoken with say that even though these effects prevent spell casting, and Unending Resolve is supposed to grant unhindered spell casting for the duration, that these "don't count".
It's a shame they didn't fix this by the start of PvP Season 12.
As of this past Tuesday's (10/23) update, this issue is still happening. I was just interrupted by a Druid and a Frost Mage, twice in the same battleground, during Unending Resolve.
I have nothing new to add other than this is still happening as of 12/23, though since I didn't see anything in the hot fix or patch notes I'm not surprised. I got interrupted and/or silenced a couple times during battlegrounds this morning while Unending Resolve was in effect. Was in combat against a Mage, Druid, and Priest at various points and they were able to interrupt and/or silence me. (I also got silenced by a DK the other day, so it doesn't seem to be even partially fixed in terms of some classes/spells/abilities.) I don't even have to glance up at the buffs, the visible effect that goes along with Unending Resolve makes it pretty clear when it is active.

Interestingly, I've never had an issue with this in PvE, but I don't PvE much, most of the times I use this spell is during PvP encounters.
Still happening.

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