[A] 393 Holy Priest LF Home


Well a bit about myself I have been a Holy Priest ever since I started WoW. I will remain Holy. If your looking for a Disc Priest sorry but that aint me.

I do have a Disc OS that I will utilize on certain fights that I see it easier to heal as Disc otherwise I am holy. Currently I switch between Shadow and DISC Os for dailies mostly.

I would like to find a guild that raids 8am PST-Noon(any time between can work on the 8am-Noonor 7-10 PST.

I would like to finish off DS Herioc and hit MoP with balls to the walls and get into the content as fast as I can.

I do not wish for a bench warming spot and will not take one. As for Horde recruiting Sorry but this Priest is now Alliance and I will not go back I apologize for this but I have grown tired of the horde side of things.

If your interested please whisper me in game. I may be on Makaella or Mekaella or Mekayla. One of the 3 or this one should get me. If not please leave me an ingame mail.
Were continuing to do heroics until mop drops then were done, we do tues and wed 7-10pm ST weekly. if your interested hit me up.

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