Think Pink Are Recruiting For MoP Raiding

Think oF Pink is an Mostly Australian ( just recently turned Horde) Guild formed in Cataclysm by a bunch of friends. We are currently 2/6 Mogu'shan Vaults after our first week.

We are currently recruiting any class (in need of ranged dps) we prefer some basic raiding knowledge which pretty much means you know how to listen :)

We raid at 3am ST the 2/3 times a week Fri/Sat. We Provide a ceratin amount of repairs depending how active you are in the guild.
When everything is up and running flasks/food will be provided aswell.

If you need help with gearing we are more than happy to help with that to, but you know at the start of mop we will all be in the same boaties :D

Any questions Plz feel free to msg fruchoc or brigne.
Or you can add me to real ID as i like to char hop quite a bit :D

We have just Got a Forum up and running as well
aww u play a troll now thats disturbing !
Better than gnome? :P
09/09/2012 07:26 AMPosted by Frontear
Better than gnome? :P

are you aussie frontear?
troll is most definately not better than a gnome!
09/09/2012 08:44 AMPosted by Aidey
Better than gnome? :P

are you aussie frontear?

Yes, I'm Australian.
Currently requiring a Resto Shammy/Druid healer.
bumpidy bump
I'm interested if this guild will actually progress seriously, currently no players online doesn't look good I wanna be raiding almost on realease. Please respond in-game if that is possible.
EDIT1: nevermind can't make times T_T
We are lookin to progress srsly pity u cant make the times! we are currently short and healer and 1-2 ranged dps !

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