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NC Soft has announced they are shutting down Paragon Studios.
The City of Heroes game will be shutting down later this year.

I played that game when it first came out, stayed with it for a couple of years, and went back to it occasionally over the next few years.

It was a very fun game, and unique for it's time when it first came out.


City of Heroes was my third "major" MMO following Asheron's Call and Dark Age of Camelot. For better or worse, it was the first MMO where a living torch, a time-traveling cowboy cyborg and an alien from another galaxy could regularly team up to fight giant robots, werewolves, and supersoldiers.

This is far from the first time NCSoft has decided to "realign" and kill off an entire dev studio, and it's why I look for Guild Wars 1 to suddenly and mysteriously vanish despite its popularity too following the wake of Guild Wars 2.

People throw around hype like "X is dying" or "Y will kill Z" a lot, but the truth of the matter is, the only way an MMO dies is when the publisher pulls a <censored> move like this.

A lot of players, myself included, feel like NCSoft just socked us in the gut. This came out of nowhere. I guess now I don't have any excuses not to get into WoW's end-game next expansion though. I refuse to buy anything associated with NCSoft again.

RIP City of Heroes. Now to convince my friends there to come play WoW... >_>

Edit: Realized I added the wrong link (the other one was to the specific forum post, not the official announcement) make everything better. Buy the rights from NCSoft and show them how to create success. You will pull the current, saddened, players to your realm of gaming and with your sheer talent cultivate new ones.

I have played both WoW and CoH regularly for 7+ years. Save a great game and move into the hero business!
This really did come out of no where.

Last I heard the guys at Paragon had 2 content patches in the works and more planned, they had just put a new power set on the store and the game had been slowly but steadily increasing in profits since it went Free-to-play.

Then today BAM
Everyone is fired, Paragon gets closed down and the game shuts down in November.

No explanations beyond some corporate double talk
I will miss CoH. My favorite video game of all time. My first MMO.

R.I.P. City of Heroes
bloody hell

Rumor mill scuttlebutt seems to think that Paragon was sacrificed so that they could funnel more resources into some of their Korean Grinders that are failing.

If that is even close to true that pretty much kills me ever buying any NCSoft game ever again
...whoa. The game that was hailed as groundbreaking in the amount of customization options for player characters. I always had a soft spot for CoH, and am dissapointed in how this is ending for it. The game in concept was never bad, though I know there was some political hoohah going on behind the scenes. RIP, great game, and thanks for the memories.

I'm reading the forums now, the shutdown of this game must be devestating to the players...condolences.
I didnt play CoH but I personally think the death of an MMO is a very sad thing, especially one that still had some life in it.
Jesus. This really hurts.
Yeah, this sucks. I've been playing since 2004. This game was my childhood.

I played both CoH and CoV pretty extensively--mostly villains...ahem. Some very good times, but I feel the game had peaked with I4 and went steadily downhill from there. Quality began to drop off after NCSoft acquired the game from Cryptic.

It was a unique game in many ways with a character creator far beyond anything seen elsewhere, except maybe Champions. There aren't enough superhero games around and this was a superior one in its heyday.

It will be missed.
I remember when I first saw City of Heroes at Target when I was 10 and I thought it sounded so cool the idea of making your own hero and fighting alongside other heroes but being 10 I couldn't afford the subscription fees. It makes me sad to see MMOs that have been around for such a long time get shut down.
in the entertainment industry, in general, there's always some new project in the works or down the pipeline. so, funds get diverted to the new project, etc.
City of Heroes is my favorite MMO. I haven't played in a few years, because most of my friends moved on, and I felt that the F2P content was all things that I'd done a million times before, but it will forever be the one that really got me into online gaming.

It's good to see people in WoW respecting the great game that was City of Heroes. I won't go into what I feel was a rotten move by NCSoft, but I will say that I was proud to have played CoX for so long. From Pratz Strike of Virtue - so long to the old girl. I pray to see my friends there that I've kept every day for the rest of my life, and the friends I haven't seen in some future place very soon.
From how I read this, it sounds like NCSoft didn't even perform a mercy killing, they just flat out held the pillow down. I never played CoH but to this day I will always regret not picking it up...
Pretty sad indeed.

NCSoft reminds me of SOE so much, I often wonder how they make enough money to stay in business with all of the crap they have and continue to pull.

I never played it, but I always thought it was a cool concept, and one of the few games out there that didn't try to be anymore than what it was, a solid super hero game.
09/01/2012 02:04 AMPosted by Calfredd
From how I read this, it sounds like NCSoft didn't even perform a mercy killing, they just flat out held the pillow down. I never played CoH but to this day I will always regret not picking it up...

It is brutally harsh and I still can't believe it. I just started getting back into the game after being away for a couple of years and the recent "Captain Mako Week" event (a dark parody of Discovery Channel's "Shark Week") had me believing that Paragon was still strongly behind it. I was having so much fun that I was contemplating subscribing again. They still seemed to have at least two full servers every night. Why not consolidate the servers and keep it going for one more year?

What a pisser.
I did play some of this when I first started switching into different MMOs. It does hurt seeing a franchise you grow up with disappear like that. It will be missed by many I imagine. :(

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