[Bug] OpenGL dress room and arrow map issues

Bug Report
There is an issue with opengl mode only. They disappear when I use directx 9 or 11 and only appeared after the patch.

  • Dressing room don't show my character frame properly. I can use the controls to zoom in and move around. In doing that, I can see my character below the dressing room frame.
  • Arrow map doesn't show up. Works normally on minimap.
  • It's not game breaking but it was introduced in last patch. The textures and frames are not missing, apparently, but rather being on wrong z-axis while on opengl.
    I can confirm this, DX3D is fine while OpenGL shows no models in the Dressing Room Window.

    Using wine-1.5.10 on Slackware64 13.37 Alien Multilib build, NVidia GT 440
    Officially, the Windows client only supports DirectX output. The OpenGL mode is there mostly as a diagnostic tool because the bulk of the code already exists in the MacOS version of the game. It's not supported or actively developed in any way, however, because it's not meant to be used for extended periods of time outside of very specific circumstances.

    As such you're on your own with any OpenGL issues, unless you're running the MacOS version of the game in a native MacOS environment. If you have no reason not to use it, you're much better off using the DirectX renderer.
    OpenGl is s standard,thats standard should be followed.It actually takes work for them to break it,as opengl is already used for the mac, there is no reason for it not to work no matter what the client is,it is in the game code. Asterchades thats a great excuse but its BS.OpenGl is actively developed you just said so on the mac, opengl is cross plateform ,unlike directx it doesn't care what the OS is. They compile the client from the same souce code,all it takes is a compiler flag, mac or PC same source code.Games for years have ran on both,when MAc is supported.With some type of flag after the exe,to force opengl. Fact is MAC OS Is Darwin BSD which is very close to linux,much of the linux kernel is taken from BSD. Blizzard is going out of there way to make it not work if it works fine on a mac.I have been running WOW on linux for years,without any issues because the standard has been followed,Opengl on linux ran far better than dirextx 9 or 11 on my hardware thats why I use it.OpenGL is far advanced over directx,in fact microsoft adds things to dirext x years after opengl has supported them. I don;t expect support but I don't expect Sabotage either.
    Still an issue in 5.0.5 for the Windows client using OpenGL.

    This was a problem for Mac users 6 months ago during the beta: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4247145475?page=1

    @Mac users: Is this still a problem for you in 5.0.5?
    Just a quick update. While in a raid, position of party members are being show regardless of their location on the actual zone, on same map. For instance, if your team members are in dalaran and you're in dragonblight, they will be show near Agmar's Hammer horde base.

    Seems like a transparent texture issue while on opengl mode. That would explain the character/pet/mount frame not showing properly.

    Hope this issue gets some love before Mists.
    Still an issue in 5.0.5 for the Windows client using OpenGL.

    This was a problem for Mac users 6 months ago during the beta: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4247145475?page=1

    @Mac users: Is this still a problem for you in 5.0.5?

    I would guess yes, since it's an OpenGL problem. OpenGL is used by the Mac users and the majority of Linux users. You should have had this problem running with OpenGL in Windows as well.
    I play this game on linux with OpenGL, And I agree. Saying it's not a standard supported Interface is complete BS! If you don't want to support OpenGL, don't make it an accepted gxApi... PERIOD! "used for limited testing", F&$^ that, how about test and making it work in one really good API instead of keeping one of the industries most accepted and universal 3d frameworks as a troublshooting fallback. Complete BS! OpenGL works on all platforms, you can't blame it when the game breaks, especially if it worked before you did something to your code. If this trend continues, I will have to uninstall WOW completely since I'm not installing Winblows again to play a game. I do 3D development work using Ogre and I'm not converting it or rebooting into windows constantly for a game... To add to the thread, I am also missing the main map arrow. Running Pandaria on X11 using nvidia-driver 295.71 with wine 1.4.1. None of which would matter if they just stuck to #&$*%& standards!
    I am very curious where you got that load of crap that it is for testing purposes.
    Under what circumstatns would you need to divaite from DX to opengl for a test? And if opengl is being used for testing as you had moronicly stated, then who every came up with that theory is completly detached from programing and logic theory all together.

    "Test: A procedure intended to establish the quality, performance, or reliability of something, esp. before it is taken into widespread use."

    in order for a test to be legit you need a control, something that is capable of achiving the same results under a different environment, so for it to be used as a testing ground it would require that it functions identicaly. Hense the phrase apples to apples.

    And to summerize, Wow was origonaly written in 1999 on a proprietary game enginer derived from opengl and has always been compatible with opengl, it wasnt until BC that Directx was introduced.
    Bliz' official positon seems to be if you need to use OpenGL,
    tough, we don't care.

    This is an official blue post, copy /pasted:

    Blizzard Employee


    OpenGL mode isn't meant for continual use, it's a step we use when troubleshooting to try and locate the cause of an issue.

    If the game works better in OpenGL mode, it would imply that there's an issue either with DirectX rendering or the graphics adapter drivers.

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