**Glory of the Cataclysm Hero with MoP Achiev

Like the title says Glory of the Cataclysm Hero now has a MoP achievement to complete it.

Please fix this Blizzard.

I was just going to open up a thread then i found this. The MoP achieve Death mentioned is "What does this button do?".

I am really close to completing glory of the cataclysm hero and really disapointed that there is a MoP achieve that prevents me from getting it.
Yes... not the first thread about this , lets hope blizz do something about it.
soon i hope
I think it can still be gotten, but only if you get all the other achievements on one character. Had a guildie do that today, got her last one of the "original" set.

However, if you have some of the achievements from another character joined in with the new achievement system, it doesn't get awarded. I've done all but 4 on one character, then the other 4 were from 2 other characters on my account. So it looks like I have them all, but haven't gotten the meta yet.
Confirmed. You CAN still get the achievement, it's just that you have to do them all on one character, despite the meta being spread over all characters.
"What does this button do?" is what shos up when I look at my own achievment list. However, if I link it in Guild Chat, it shows Extra Credit Bonus Stage as not being complete. However I have completed this one previously.

It would be nice to have some feedback on this at some point. Thank you.
They said they knew about it and were looking into it.

I cannot say if it is possible to get the achievement after the merge, but you can definitively get it if you complete it post-patch on a single character (I've finished mine last week with 3 ach to go).
Just got my last Glory of the Cataclysm Hero achievement and it to has that bug, can't get my drake now. showing - What does this button do? - Mists heroic.
Just wanted to bump this thread with my confirmation as well

"Glory of The Cataclysm Hero" meta achievement cannot be completed.

When viewing the achievement in the Achievement UI, it incorrectly lists "What Does This Button Do?" an achievement from a MoP dungeon INSTEAD of "Extra Credit Bonus Stage" from Vortex Pinnacle.

When linking the "Glory of the Cataclysm" meta achievement in chat, "Extra Credit Bonus Stage" is correctly listed in the tooltip but is greyed out indicating that it is NOT considered completed making the meta achievement incomplete.

Possible Fix: Completing all the achievements on ONE character seems to solve the problem. However, this defeats the purpose of account-wide achievements.
I have the same problem. Just finished it it today but got the last achiev on a diff toon than my main with the rest of the achievs.
Any idea if this is being looked at? It is most frustrating.
Me and two friends finished this today. One friend got it but the other and myself didn't get credit. In our achievements it says we're missing What Does This Button Do? but when we link the meta in chat it says we're missing Extra Credit Bonus Stage, even though we have it. We both opened a ticket and got a response at the same time that basically said they know and are going to fix it soon™.

I wish the GM would have just activated our achievements since we have the credit. I know they can do that because they've done it for me with buggy achievements in the past, but I suppose this is different. So here's hoping it gets fixed before too long!
i opened up a ticket on this and i get a message saying we are looking into it. It would be nice if a GM could post about it so that we will not have new threads opening everyday.
yeah, i am getting the same thing. i have finished all the achievments i can but the panda dungeon is a little hard. and now blizzard has answered me 2 times, yet they tell me nuthing, except visit the forums. WTF blizzard. gimme my drake !
please oh please fix this, the account wide achieves should allow me to finally after 2 years to get this mount, but now there's a MoP achieve there.
did they fix it with 5.0.5?
I'm not sure if it was fixed for all. however it was corrected for me as of 5.0.5.
Yeah i finally got the achievement when i logged in today (even though it says completed 5/28/2011 0.o) but whatever i like my new drake : )
09/12/2012 01:22 PMPosted by Mouthfull
(even though it says completed 5/28/2011 0.o)

This is an oddity with meta-achievements. If you look at the last one on the list, the date you earned it is the date the game is using for the meta achieve.

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