[H] 9/16 HM LFM!

Guild Recruitment
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That last one was more for Newmage, this one more for Tde--


Lookit. So beautiful. Put aside your heretical ways!
You dun got enuff Dakka 'oomie!

Apparently Battle.net got a wee bit of an upgrade so's I don't have to put in my authenticator every time I login.
I like it!
The Klaxxi are metal, every buff they give you is a metal song.
I guess I haven't got there yet.
Now I have, but am sicker :(
All better <3
I look awful.
Ooh T6
Up you go
Star Trek TNG is such a good show.
Did you watch my favourite one yet?
The Inner Light, 125th episode! 25th episode, 5th season!
Still doing them in order?
Yup. Finishing season 3 episode 17 now then bedtime.
Still awhile to go :(

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