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<<I admit, this is a tradation of mine, pre-XP, I do post an RP giving my character a focal point for it. I just hope people realize that this is an RP realm and don't flag it. Second, if you want to comment, open door>>

Stormwind City, Elwynn Forest

As Captain of the music department Fitzgerald thought he had some, some say in music. However King, Varian Wrynn had been quite clear when he presented him with this piece, and specially crafted instruments. Under his breath, Captain Fitzgerald could only keep a straight face. As the sun hit the hour the summoning began.

Unlike traditional summoning, this one was for a warrior. King Wrynn wanted to call Packhunter out of retirement, it was one thing to have a man's body, but the fire in his belly was another thing. With military precision that Packhunter respected, guards assembled in rows on lining the Valley of Heroes, on that sole bridge to Stormwind proper. Each step sounding like rifle shot as they marched into place. In Cathedral Square, there were three officers, with the captain of the guard standing next to King Wrynn . With pendants, and flags at the ready, the cooperate logo of Packhunter Enterprises being displayed prominently the music began.

Drumming with the speed of well trained rifles filled the City, followed by trumpets, and just as trumpets came to an end, the bag pipes started. There wail filled the city like no instrument before them, they were the one instrument that many of the guards, and citizens thought of as some torture device. As the music played, a gryphon's cry is heard. Flying in low over the guards, slowing down, it is safe to say Packhunter has entered the building. His unique gold and black armor is easy to see as he rides his old ever loyal gryphon Red Wing. Down the bridge, and over the tops of apartments until he lands his mount at the entrance to the square, and appears to take it all in.

Different mounts fill the out edges of the square, the guards turn to face him. Each step seems to take forever, even the orphans having no role in this watch intently, and the bagpipes play on. Packhunter keeps his eyes locked into those of King Wrynn, and takes the right hand way around the fountain, where he draws his axe, and then places his hands on its' head as he kneels at the foot of the Cathedral, and a voice of a fine orator fills the square, "So I have been summoned, so I come to serve my Lord King Wrynn, leader of free humanity, and of the Alliance."

King Wrynn walks down the stairs with the Captain of the Guards, "Rise Marshal Packhunter, of the Armed forces of the Alliance, and Validus Liber, of those who how power without official affiliation." It was the King's way of acknowledging Packhunter's hard time finding a guild that he could work with, and would accept his rather strong personality.
In the traditional warrior hand shake, fore arm to fore arm, King Wrynn helps Packhunter stand, as his Captain of the Guards orders them dismissed. Placing his axe in its traditional sling on his back, they begin to walk, both of them looking to break the ice, Packhunter a talker at heart does just that, "My Lord, why have you summoned me. We both know I am in Stormwind all the time, what is going on?"

King Wrynn responds, "Packhunter, what do you know of the Pandaren?"
"Rumors and myths truth be told, there have never been enough of them investigate, and those who are found are vague about their homeland."
Walking towards the trade district they stopped on the bridge, "Packhunter, there was a battle recently. Both the Horde and the Alliance have found the location of the Pandaren homelands, and we are preparing for a war of both body and spirit"
"This concerns me how? Arthus is dead! We're making progress in the Plague Lands to regain my home, but there is still a huge diplomatic mess we don't see eye to eye on, and don't mention how we accepted the Draenei over the Blood Elves, we could have worked something out with them! Way I see things, everyone liked me being retired, including a majority of the children of peace."

King Wrynn sighed for just a moment, Packhunter was a warrior, he would obey an order, but it also meant dealing with situations, including that chip on his shoulder the size of a small moon, "Packhunter, the Pandaren respect warriors, and you have been known for being one of our most exalted diplomats. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't seek you out to craft a rare item, or see you on a rare mount because of your diplomatic skills. As per being a Warrior, no one with half a brain would question you being one with your title."
Packhunter actually smirked at that, "And how many of the Children of Peace have less than half a brain?" Children of Peace was the only way he could see the people who fought the war against the Horde and Lich King. As a survivor of the second war who held ground in Goldshire before the temporal accident brought him to the present, he saw the second war as something more than the war that followed. In his time the Horde were an unknown enemy with unknown resources, by the third war they were a known foe.

Something shifted in the warrior, he urgently said "My Lord get behind me, now!"
"Packhunter what are you talking about?"

Grabbing his communication crystal, he began his dispatch, "Redwing, Royal extraction, Death Rider, I need weapons package Alpha, all others scramble! Repeat Scramble! Protect precious cargo on Red Rider!"

It all happened so fast King Wrynn was hard pressed to follow it all, Red Wing came and grabbed him by the shoulders, pulled him up, he saw Packhunter's old beaten Stormpike Battle running towards him, as Packhunter was holding the bridge against what? As a wide array of weapons fell at the warrior's feet, he grabbed them, and began to use them. He caught the flash as Quel'Serra was thrown with such force it hit a goblin rogue jumping out to attack him, nailing him physically to the wall though his throat. Blood fountain out of the wound. A troll mage came from around the corning, and sent a fire ball barreling towards him, Packhunter promptly handed him his head, and sent his body to feed the fish.

An Orc who was build like a bull stepped out from the shadows, and snarled, "Packhunter!"
Packhunter drew out his axe, snarled with anticipation of battle, "Ka'ra'ga! It has been a while. To the hilt I take it?"
"Just like it was at Frozen pass, except this time I am going to gut you old man! There will be no draw!"

The battle was joined two warriors, two legends, two goals with one outcome. Weapons clashing this way and that until Packhunter is knocked down on his back, Ka'ra'ga kicks the warrior's axe off the dock and into the water to deny the old man a chance to fight back "It is over Packhunter, I am going to enjoy killing you, and then your King. For the Horde!" snarls Ka'ra'ga.

Despite seeing his foe's axe raised to kill him, Packhunter smirks, and thinks how Ka'ra'ga never paid attention his footing as he shouted, "Death Rider, Codeword Omega Mark!"

In perfectly timing, with the Orc standing over him looking him dead in the eyes, Packhunter raises his legs and smashes the boards they are on. He feels the shifting weight as the Orc heads down into the water, sending the human up, he grabs the sword he asked for from his ram. Flipping in mid air so he can drive all his weight down he impaling the Orce down though his spine with the blade straight down, he completes the moving landing on the unbroken parts of the dock, and spreads his arms out wide, "He was good, I was better."

Grabbing his communication crystal he can hear the Horde raid that kept the city guards away has been driven off, and then he hears King Wrynn, "Packhunter, please come to the Stormwind Keep."

Mounting up on his old ram, the warrior couldn't help but think of how many times he had made this trip. He gives orders to his mounts to head to the stables to relax. Gold armor reflecting off the sun, the white cloak behind him, he planned to retrieve his weapons later. Coming up the draw bridge he saw two ranks of guards, who snapped to a salute him. Dismounting at the steps looking up, he asks, "Has something changed my lord?"

King Wyrnn addressed the audience, "Packhunter, what say you? I summoned you to order you to go to Pandaren, and then you save my life. I cannot as a just monarch order to do that which is not in your heart"

Packhunter marched up to the half way point, and tried to project his voice for all to hear, "I never one much for retirement" he says with an air of jest after taking the last two years off, "I say death to the Horde! I say it is time for Victory for the Alliance! My Lord, if you would present me with your blessing and my weapons."

Packhunter was never one to miss a mark thought King Wrynn, he tossed the warrior his axe, and then the sword he has used to kill Ka'ra'ga, "Go where your spirit moves you Packhunter, may all who meet you know justice, see reason, and not just history"

Catching both weapons, and assuming his old role as a fury warrior, above him he saw in
perfect formation one flight, flying a salute towards him. Behind them, he saw another creature in the air. Giving King Wrynn a two fingured salute from his right hand. He gave a whistle, and said, "Redwing, to me!" and sure enough the old gryphon came down to pick up her master to new lands and new adventures.

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