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This hunter shows an equipped item level of 378 even though I can't find any piece of gear below item level 397.

Seems to be the case for all hunters, actually, constantly showing a lower equipped item level.
Right now I'm looking at the profile you linked and I totaled up the gear and it looks like the avg equipped iLvl is correct. (It's currently 389 due to the fishing pole equipped). Is there another profile that currently looks bugged?
Fishing pole? Really? *blink*

This is what I see:

The big number, 404, is probably accurate, but the 'equipped' one in little print is not. It says 378 when I don't see anything below 397.

I'm assuming you could look at any hunter, though. (370 equipped with nothing below 384) (Wearing a 251 ring but I still get an average of 390 but the displayed average is 366)

And pretty much every hunter I look at.
Yeah, I see now, clearly the computation is still assuming that hunters should have a range slot. I'll make sure this is fixed this week.

(For the record, I swear that account had a fishing pole on them this morning ;-) and with it the calculation was correct, go figure!)
I believe all hunters are having this issue.

Check my armory.
Based on your comment and what I've heard from others, it seems like if the hunter equips a melee weapon, especially a 2-handed one, the item level displays correctly, but when equipping a ranged weapon (because that's what hunters really should be using anyway) then it doesn't.
This should be fixed now, let me know if it's not (you don't need to trigger a profile update to see the change, it should be immediate on all profiles using a ranged 2h weapon).
Not fixed on mine. I still show an average ilvl of 406 and an equipped ilvl of 379.
09/10/2012 10:44 AMPosted by Xremi
Not fixed on mine. I still show an average ilvl of 406 and an equipped ilvl of 379.

Another character just reported this in another thread with the same weapon as you. I will look into it this week. Sorry for the delay.
Getting the same issue here, says the equipped ilvl is 375, which it's not...
my ilvl is still wrong
I also have a low equipped item level.

it shows 393 average item level and only 368 equipped

but in game it shows 393/393 item level
This bug is being fixed tomorrow morning with the game site updates for MoP launch.

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