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You know how it goes! Play nice.
I'd suggest getting exalted with that isle of qual something or other... has a portal to it in Shat. You get a really cool glowing shield there to match your armor. Just run magisters terrace a bunch of times...

I'm working on it myself actually lol.
Don't like the sword, makes ur elf frame look even more skinny lol
I'm not a fan of the tin can look, but at least it is better then the "giant blue chicken" armor.

(note: I know my mace is Gawd awful, but it's all I have for now.)
I love the HUGE hammer, the boots dont really match tho
I like that sword; It goes really well with pretty much all your armor.
4/10 meh
I no I've had my turn but allseeing, although yours is rather plain, I bloody love it!!
Good job 9/10
Never liked the look of the wrathful gear. Relentless looks better.

So 7/10
9/10 i love t2 ret this season, although ive been wearing it all season so i decided to mix it up with some T8 last night :D
I actually love the look of that set. 10/10
Looks great, I especially love the sword! But belt and boots don't match the general color theme ;~;
09/02/2012 05:06 AMPosted by Zilzalag
I actually love the look of that set. 10/10

thanks :D its hard to get matching boots for that set unless you were holy lol :( woulda bought the boots if i knew of transmog

and the blue is alright 7/10 (not my style)
I love that set! 10/10! Your hair really compliments it brilliantly.

Also, as for my set—I know it's not transmogged; I use mail heirlooms due to lack of holy pally heirlooms aside from the PvP shoulders, so I... can't really transmog them into this. In addition, I'm still working on the pants, gloves, boots, and belt... because:

A) You can't transmog the level 60 PvP sets unless they're replicas

B) Holy moley do those pants give me thunder thighs.
Fíññ- 8/10 For Dual-Wielding Holy Symbols
Alexandier - 10/10 - Nice matching set that all goes to together.
Sartor: 8/10

Very nice set, I just hate the hair and the weapon. Sorry. =(
I no I've had my turn but allseeing, although yours is rather plain, I bloody love it!!
Good job 9/10

Thank you, and also I'm currently grinding argent crusade rep getting the banner + think the paladin argent charger.

Also Vuuri 7/10 great set

While there is no "official" xmog rating thread, the one linked above is sort of the "unofficial official" home of xmog rating on the pally forum. It's the most recent continuation post of the long-running (and creatively titled!...) "Rate the Previous Poster's Xmog" threads, although the initial post could certainly use a very brief intro and link to the previous one.

These threads have not dropped off the pally forum's first page at any time since the original one gained momentum (based on my regular observations and those of other regular forum users). You can almost always find it near the top or around the middle of the page. The structure and length of the title make it easy to spot most of the time ;)

very.........blue. befitting a dragoon rather a paladin. would be 10/10 if we had dragoons, although none of us would be paladins then :P

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