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10/10 really good transmog
9/10 only because you dont show helm, i like helms but thats just me.
Maybe 9.5 cause you got matching hair and beard though:)
Ill probably change my shoulders to the ones from SSC if they ever drop.
mine barely counts as a transmog, but i altered a couple pieces lol


i hate your helmet, and as a paladin you shouldnt wear one XD
9/10, I always loved that sword, and the ret paladin set this season was fantastic.

Disclaimer: I have no god damn idea why my shoulders don't show up in Armory.

Brings back nostalgic memories of old AV since I had the same set and mace. You look like you could be a Theramore paladin (although I realize it's just a guild tabard). I know what your shoulders look like, so I can picture them on your guy.

The goggles seem a bit out of place, but that may just be me.
8/10 pretty cool, especially looking like a "law bringer/enforcer", plus your sword is awesome too!

I was thinking of using Greatsword of Forlorn Visions for transmog but, it looks like a toothpick when I carry it around so I went with Zoid's sword.
8/10, very fitting of a Horde Pally.

I just hit 85 so I dont have any gear to mog yet, but what I'm wearing now is what my mog will look like. If that makes sense :P
meh its ok look, not horrible 7/10
8.5/10 - I can see where you're aiming for, definitely. It's only my opinion but the boots and sword fit perfectly, and the rest of your suit fits perfectly, just not the boots + sword + set, it's a wee bit off amazing but still great for rockin' out in :)

Edit: I have no mace transmog yet...can't find anything that fits
7-10. looks nice just not sure about the helm.

work in progress
7/10... I would work on getting more red shoulders, gloves and weapons. Love SM themed transmogs though.
Angelforge: 9/10

Very nice use of BoE greens. Some of the blues might clash in another context, but the Fire Festival tabard and belt bring everything together. Your particular hair color even lends a hand in that regard because it matches some of the trim. Nicely done :)

I like the way you mixed in the T2 and T12, the only draw back is Vanila gear always seems to stand out more when its mixed in with later gear. Still looks great though.
I like how you combined gear from 3 different expansions and made it look good.
i think you probably could have found a better sword idk, i havent looked at swords in a while
@ Boralos, I like the color scheme. 8/10 for it being a robe set instead of proper pants :)
omfg i love it! 10/10
Unwreckable 10/10
Here's my latest xmog since MOP came out =)

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