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Classic, but I find T6 is far more evocative of human/dwarf aesthetics than draenei.

I salute your taste in tabards, though. ;-)
<----bam waiting on helm for lvl 70 found a perfect match
@Lavetio badass set, kinda reminds me of aragon from Lord of the Rings, just with a shield.
AQ 40 gear ftw
@ Karob

havent had the belt drop yet, i think the cloak is fine with the look I was going for. no two handed weapons I like to go with it right now so its not fully done. was forced horde and a blood elf so thought id make it as girly as possible considering the running joke about blood elves, only reason I choose the set or I would have done something different.
am i doing it right ?
You look very scary, intimidating, but awesome transmog 10/10
8/10. Very much dislike for the helm.
Love kilts and the ulduar hammer!

Mines cliche, I know. but I think it looks good.
6/10 because it overused! (But 9/10 as one good looking set)

Threw together an outfit from the gear in my void storage because my Valorous Aegis Greaves turned into legs :(

But I thought it turned out decent from a corrupted Paladin point of view. Need to find a matching belt, and a more appropriate cloak. I think I might keep this for a while... at least until they fix my old skirt!

I never really liked the helm from that Icc set...and I loved the shoulders heh

Wep is really nice though, suits the corrupted pally look
can't hate on that challenge gear 10/10
Ugly goggles.

8/10.. set looks pretty cool and very good on a Blood Elf... only reason not higher is I like the older gear for mog sets, instead of new stuff.
@ Lobster: 10/10

I wanted to knock off .5 because I've encountered a few CM set + Tabard of the Lightbringer combos recently, but come on...they're begging for each other, aren't they? The new axe rounds out the aesthetic perfectly, and I'm sure the weapon's animation adds a nice touch in-game.

RE: mine:

This just doesn't look the same on Armory as in-game, so I put it together on Wowhead for better viewing. The first column shows it with Judgement Breastplate, while the second column substitutes Dreadful Gladiator's Ornamented Chestguard. Wowhead Item Comparison: http://tinyurl.com/bf2rwd3

Which do you think is preferable, if you like it at all? T2 pushes the reds and yellows, while the S13 takes the set down a notch with the darker gold trim on the off-white underneath.

Armory doesn't display the libram attached to S13 waists, apparently. It's the unifying detail in the middle of this set IMO.
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