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whats a transmog?
Your a draenei, not even transmog will help your toon.
I like how subtle your transmog is, especially with the shoulders. 8/10.

This is my holy set right now.
Cadmus: You know, I'm not normally a fan of piecemeal looks, but you did an awesome job. Only thing I'd change is maybe a different cloak; 9/10

One more level and I can mog the matching boots for my set!
@Altan, thanks for the great comments! Do you have a cloak that you would like to recommend? I mainly kept with the solid white one because of the holy/healing theme of it all, but I'm open to suggestions. Personally, I'd like to change my weapon to the mace that drops from Kael'thas in TK.
Cadmus: I'm a fan of using a little contrast; you could reference your race with a bit of red/gold capes like the Silvermoon Royal Cloak or Shroud of Frenzy.
^ classic blue... like an ally should be. I went red and gold (loved the T2 set) with diff pieces to mix it up.

I like your blue, to my red.
8/10 only because that weapon is a place holder

@ Lobster: 10/10

I wanted to knock off .5 because I've encountered a few CM set + Tabard of the Lightbringer combos recently, but come on...they're begging for each other, aren't they? The new axe rounds out the aesthetic perfectly, and I'm sure the weapon's animation adds a nice touch in-game.

Thanks, I stayed away from using the full CM set and Lightbringer tabard for a long time but I just got the axe and it all matches too well lol.

I like yours too, looks kinda dark andyou managed to make red/green not look christmasy. I would say more but there's a big shield covering up most of your armory lol.

Gah, I always forget to log in Holy gear for raid nights and whatnot, then I manage to do it while asking for opinions on my ret set. Armory wrecks some key details (no libram model on S13 waist, a travesty!), so I set it up to be viewed via Wowhead. If you get a chance to check, which of the two chests do you think is preferable? If you know of another piece that might be even better, I'm all ears <3

Wowhead Item Comparison (direct link to Wowhead, I promise):

Not too bad, 8/10
4/10 Nothing matches..
8/10 I like the rough look

Purple Purple Purple!
I'll toss my RP set on here and see what you think. (yes it's slutty)

8/10 above me I like it.
Jealous of Lightbringer Tabard! 0/10!

Nah, I'm kidding. It looks good. 9/10. I never fell in love with the weird bird beak shoulders from BC. But the matching set makes me think about it.

And I know, Judgement is over used. I've been looking for a replacement pair of Red-ish pants that I like. And as for the shoulders I've been doing AQ40 for Mantle of the Desert Crusade instead of the Lightbringer ones. (Though I do love them)
^2/10 Just way too much different set pieces, doesn't look cohesive enough and the Tabard is way off, not to mention Tabards tucked into skirts = EW!
4/10 Nothing matches..

Kind of the point.

@Zombgief 10/10
9/10 I love the Enchanted Adamantite. It looks like a suave leisure suit.

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