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8/10 not a fan of the chest
@Blackstár 8/10
Good mix between use of tabard, judgment and conqueror's pieces :)
10/10 enough with the shiny paladins! I love tanks who look like they have actually fought in their gear. I may have to look in to getting that shield for myself.
Whoops logged out in wrong chest lol Im a noob

9/10 very original and scary helm

Get the matching belt and a purple cape for maximum awesomeness. Hammer works surprisingly well. I thought you'd go with the FL's heroic sword. That works too.
dont rate me,

@Lovepony I dont like capes but yea I need the belt still :/
9/10, i really like the purple set
There is a set you don't see often. 9/10
even though helm is not mog'd I really like that set 8/10
7/10, I feel like the trimming on the rest of your armor needs to match the shoulders & helm. The Dungeon 1 Warrior armor might work, I'm unsure...

Good weapon choice.
8/10 I feel the boots are a lil dark for the set
@Alaenia, agreed. It's been hard finding boots that work for this set since the season 1 non-set pvp gear isn't in game anymore.

8/10 belt doesn't really match up, and it's a common xmog.
@Cadmus, 8/10, included the gladiator gear nicely with that color scheme c:
^ Cadet 8/10

I like the ebony armor look
8/10, always a nice match between S9 and justicar.
Everlest you're wearing the kingiest thing ever I have to take another turn and 10/10 you this time.
7/10. Prefer the heroic set over the blue ones.

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