Rate the Above Transmogrification!

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Can't really rate my own transmog (the one above =P), but I'll just throw in this character, too.
8/10 weapons are unique but seem a bit out of place.

I re-transmogged, still looking to get (spaulders of dementia) and perhaps a better mace
8/10 don't like the shield :P
Well coordinated 8.5/10
That axe is huge! Nice set, matches
7/10 skullflame boosts it put to 8/10 tho :P
8/10 mixes well
7/10 Would be higher but I think you've blinded me. @_@
4/10. Helm, shoulders, sword, and shield don't really match up well.

Edit: Still hate my pose. =( I swear my shield matches! Drillborer Disk

9/10 Great choice on the shield and axe. Goes well with your set.
9/10 Looks cute but I'm all about solid pants. Not a big fan of bikini bottoms. The top goes nice though.

I'm not done yet, but you get the jest of it.
7/10. Judgement is awesome, without a doubt. But no helm?!?! And a sword that doesn't quite match.
4/10. The set isn't really unique at all, and to be honest, I've seen that shield on every paladin and their grandmother.


We got a similar idea.
Xalefor, 10/10 on an nice 'dark" set.
7/10 I like the dark colors and the sword matches well

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