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It didnt show the weapon when i first looked at it, not sure why. Had there not been 3 people already using it i would have given you a 10!
Ah, well thank you! lol.
Now let's get back to Xalefire, people rate his transmog!
Xalefor, I like it! Something about the "dark paladin" that just works for me. ;]
And I think BE males are cutiepies. 10/10

e: Spelled his name wrong. Derp.
Zhaleezi, Looks great took awhile i bet. I would have to give ya a 10

I tried to put random pieces of gear to get a great white look any tips would be great.
Sic, no lies, I was trying for full t4, got these pieces, did some t5 with a guildie, got the others. Lol. We were like, "Close enough."

10/10 bc we have similiar tastes. I love the old school looks.

9/10 for having the balls to wear that much pink

I like the "Knight-esque" look you have going, and love that wep. One of my fav Vanilla ones.

That was the look I was originally going for but I changed mine up a bit when I dug around Atlas Loot. Only reason I docked a point was because I'm personally not a fan of the Axe.
@Brenugae Love the set. I like how it kinda goes from lighter at the top to a sort of darker look as you go down. I feel like there is prolly a better weapon for the xmog. I wish I could see the cape with the set, but with how blue I think it is, not sure how it would mesh. Still at least 9/10.

Gives a very cold, just crawled out of Northrend look. Love the sword and shield choice, all of the colors just come together. And somehow those huge shoulders actually look managable in your armory profile :P
@ Thorin

10/10, love your transmog, the tabard and sword/shield fit perfectly.
seeing as how you are all my pally bros, ill rate everyone on this page =D

close - 6.4, but its hard to find anything that looks good on a male dranei tho.
steel - 7.7, boots and belt arent working for me
thorin - 9.7, the swordie is abit much tho, mabye try using the archeus 1 hander
bren - 7.2, finish your tier 9 sir
const - 8.4, weapon and shoulders are off, might consider an overlords crown for your helm also
retsu - 9.3, the red sword needs to go, find something blue
palastorm - 8.0, I like how its all red, but ditch the monacle and don the scarlet tabard
star - 7.1, I see what your going for, but find new boots and gloves
zhal - 7.8, find new shield, lose the helm
sic - 5.2, your a blood knight, find something red
blood - 7.8, lose the cloak and try the tabard of the ebon blade
pjay - 9.0, lose the helm and for the light sake, move your shield! your blocking the view...
09/13/2012 03:17 AMPosted by Trydan
thorin - 9.7, the swordie is abit much tho, mabye try using the archeus 1 hander

I agree. I had a sword I wanted to use, but it was MH restricted. I wanted to go with an understated type sword that complimented the set rather than dominating it in the sense that its so unusual it stands out against the set. Really happy with the rest of the set tho, cloak and shield feel good to me.

@Trydan, tier 9 isn't really my favorite tier set, and I think you made a good decision doing a different helm. Overall, the set is really good, I'd prolly score it 9/10.
A great draenei look except the shield, try to get Aldori Legacy Defender to complete the look. otherwise 9/10
A great draenei look except the shield, try to get Aldori Legacy Defender to complete the look. otherwise 9/10

<--- Perdita

Trying = / Been running Gruul's every week. Can't find a shield for this toon either.

Anyways, I love green. 10/10

Triptych Shield of the Ancients I know it is another pain in the butt raid shield but the color is close and matches you other spikes.
Interesting use of color and mixing things from the opening quest rewards from BC... always did love those. the shirts a bit odd looking from what I can see of the elbow and arm. but as most tanks with female characters find armor rarely covers what you want it too. 9/10 :)

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