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8/10 The Silver and Black is alright, but the Axe could be cooler.
I like the heroic ICC gear and the hammer is a nice touch. I never did like the floating crowns though. Other than that, nice transmog.

I have always loved that set 8.5/10...but it just seems that everyone and their mom has it :/
8/10 only reasons why is because I like the whole set to match (weapons and all), and never really liked that shoulder model.
Yes I know my tabard doesn't match, but I am farming aldor rep for theirs.
8.5/10 I remember swinging that beast back in the day.

I know my tabard kinda throws it off.
Heh, but I am familiar with the armor set and it brings back nice memories. It gets points for having a better color scheme than the warrior version. Though, because it is a vanilla set, it loses points in my book for having a lower poly count. So, 7/10.

I too got the tabard for the sake of the event.
Interesting mix of shoulder and chest items... somehow I like it


as for me, I am dusting off my old t5 and using it as transmog, Im probably the only one on my server with the boots of courage unending, or the only one using them for t5 mog. but im glad I have a complete set.
8.5/10 I really like the crystal color & the pattern of the tabard with the legs
7/10 - Absolutely love Colossal Dragonplate Battlegear but not sure about where the rest of it comes in.
Amazing, love that is all gold, plus lightbringer/vengeful is secsi 8.5/10
Take off the tabard and its a 10/10. Your sword matches much bettr than mine
9/10 IDK the halo wasnt for me. I want get more but I just dont have the time, this and my purple set are all I have
I'm not a fan of your sword, but since you have the always classic Drillborer Disk...

Gaettusk, Personally like don't have much love for tier 6 however your shield is pretty cool,

8.5/10, nothing really unique, but still cool looking.
cant find a good sword or gloves but i havent been able to get on anyways lol so i guess it doesnt matter 8/10 cuz its crazy mix match but i like it lol and respect for the sword since you had to be there to get it
8/10 looks good my friend.

I see the style you are going for, it just doesn't suit a Blood elf though.

I should have gone with the Lightbringer boots, but I just can't stand the old boot models.
8/10 the only thing I dont like is the shield but everything else looks great.
7/10... I don't like the shoulders.

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