405 Boomkin LF Heroic Progression Guild

405 Balance Druid looking for a heroic progression guild for MOP. Available from 9-12 pm any day throughout the week and 9-whenever on weekends. Please post here or contact me in game for more details. Will also have Hunter/DK available in MOP. 10/25 man does not matter to me. Please have cleared all DS heroic content. Thank you for your time.
Solrqt, I would like to speak with you regarding a new home if you're interested. You can contact me Kealz#1216 <Facerollers> is 8/8HM DS and can use a Boomkin for a core spot. Hope to hear from you.
Opponents Hardcore progression grp for MoP is actively recruiting skilled DPS. we have been 8/8 H for quite some time. If you are interested feel free to msg me in game. or in game mail for more information.
Hey Solrqt,

Please consider <Cinder>

Our rank really does not reflect our talent and potential. We are going to be making a considerable push this tier and would love to see your app.

I am playing my warlock with Cinder and I know personally several other talented raiders in Cinder.

You can app at cinder.enjin.com

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