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All spots have been filled.
Caffeìne has 8/8H DS experience with Antisocial Club. Come join our fun! :)
Xinc or Mylie, my Pc is broken. Won't even turn on. I'm taking it to be repaired Monday. Posting here because nobody reads the guild forums :(
And please tell Corvala that he may as well delete his shaman if he's going to rock a dagger OH as enhance. His lava lash probably hits as hard as a hug from grandma.
Haha I'll let them know if they haven't seen this yet.
Hey guys, this is Demichelis/Dethrone/Rune. (posting on another account that got 7 free days, uninstalled WoW) I most likely won't be coming back for a few months or so, so just giving a heads up. If you could keep me in the guild, that'd be great and if not, it's understandable. I'll see you guys around. :)
Still looking for a tank and one dps!
I know I changed the guild MOTD to "I'm back!" but it turns out my Pc is back in the shop 2- 3 days :(
Don't insult my shammy...he's a big ol softy underneath that green tint
Dagger Enhance = Sword and Board Ret

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