<H> Unrepentant: Best of the Rest

Area 52
Unrepentant: Like making love on a pandaskin rug

We don't recruit often, but when we do, people hang on our every word - even the prepositions. When we pick up quest breadcrumbs, we use them to make beer. We once had an awkward moment with Sylvanas' twin, just to see how it felt. We can play Sith Lords in World of Warcraft. NPCs come to us for quests.

We are... The Game's Most Interesting Guild.

Hello players. Look at your guild, then back to us. Now back to them. Now back to us. Sadly, your guild isn't The U, but if you're over 18 and drop an app with us, it could be. Look down - back up. Where are you? You're in a drunken, pantsless run through Ogrimmar with the guild your guild could be. Look at your hand - back at me. I have it - it's your mouse, and you're clicking this link to check us out. Look again - that website is now full of photos of your favorite celebrity naked. Anything is possible when you roll with The U. I'm riding a Celestial Steed.

Our guild hall smells of Corinthian Leather. We are kind of a big deal. Come cannonball in the pool of glory with us today.

Stay classy Azeroth!

Visit our website http://www.unrepentantgaming.com or /who unrepentant for more information or an invite.
I have been with the U for over 2 years now. Best group of misceants I have ever had the pleasure to know!! The U has it all; pantless goblins, pantless taurens, and pantless undead. And who doesn't like seeing pantless undead???! Be honest :-)
If you are looking for a great place to call home you found it:)!
You have no idea what you're missing!
Join the Gaming Community Today!
We have cookies... lol.. lock cookies...
This guild is a real loyal bunch of players. Check us out you won't be disappointed!
Do it!
I assume the correct site is


This is what you have listed


Just thought id let you know

This is what you have listed


Just thought id let you know

Thanks for pointing this out I've fixed it now.
This guild has a penchant for shenanigans. I know you all like shenanigans. Also, they have a tendency for being laid back wish a dash of fun and often are devoted to melting faces. Consistently. What have you got to lose? Pride? Nonsense. That never got anyone a darned thing. :)
Check us out!
We have raiders, pvper's, casuals and flower pickers....if there is something you want to do, someone here does it.
Come join us for the new xpac!
You won't be disappointed!
These guys are a good group of people. Good fun and some.... shall we say "entertaining" conversations.
Ha! Love the name of your guild now Myth! Giggity Giggity Goo!
I noticed you're not guilded,
and that is crazy,
but this group rocks,
so join us maybe?

Totally didn't still that from Icy at all! ;P
...I thought I heard my name...

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