<H> Unrepentant: Best of the Rest

Area 52
Area 52 needs more Ueys.
Bump and Grind.
This is the place for the casual adult gamer. Fun times with great people and a great community. We are an established and not going anywhere. Take 2 minutes to look us up, you won't regret it.
Yeah what Roz said!
Casual players, pvp, leveling, raiding... If you are looking for it we gots it.
You're a gamer? You're fun and mature adult? You don't like drama? ........and you're still looking for a home?!? Then you haven't check us out yet!
Good people and good times!
Since I joined this group, every time I log in I get a tingly feeling in my naughty bits. In a good way.
Mop isn't a flop... Who knew? See u soon.
Come and chill with us!
i just spent an over an hour filling out the app, and it autologged me out. Lost everything.

gonna probably finish this when i get back from work

totally nerd raging
You don't know what you're missing.
All kidding aside, we don't take ourselves that seriously (well mostly). If you wants some greats laughs join us today.
We have something for everybody PVP, Raiding, Heroics, Achievement runs, old content runs, mount runs, you name it you can probably find a group in guild to do it with. We are a group of casual players dedicated to having a good time in any of the games we play and we play a bunch of them. Head on over to www.unrepentantgaming.com and get to know us a bit or /who unrepentant for an invite!
Uey Camaraderie, what's not to love!
Pvp, pve, raiding, old content, new content and something for everyone with a relaxed atmosphere.
Don't let Area 52 bombard you will guild requests, join us first.
Stay classy Azeroth!
Good people, good times and no pants. Join us today!
We are... The Game's Most Interesting Guild.

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