<H> Unrepentant: Best of the Rest

Area 52
If you haven't checked the U out yet, what are you waiting for? There's always at least one person on at all times it seems. PVP? We got lots of members that do that. Raid? We're causal but we still want to! Altoholic? You'll fit right in. Stand in fire? I'm a destro lock, I'm literally ON fire and I do stand in it.

The U is more than a guild though, it's a community. Seriously, give us a go. If you can make it through the app process (it's about the only thing we take seriously) then you'll fit right in.
Bampity Bamp for the greatest guild of all time forever and ever and stuffs. (Was that good? Please? I did what you asked, please don't hurt me anymore...)
Do you want to make some "real" wow friends? Just look us up!
The "U" is my online family!
It is the place to be for online gamers!
Come on in the water is fine!
Come join us for the Uey Experience!
Ask for a guild invite today!

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