Rageflask, a new guild looking for members!

Hey all, Rageflask is a new guild that is currently recruiting for MoP.
We are look to prepare and level up the guild to have a good start and so we can become amongst some of the most respected guilds on the server.
Come MoP we are looking to become very serious raiders and serious PvPers.
Our focus will be mainly PvE, but PvP will also play a very LARGE role in the Guild.
We are looking for new members who either need a guild or just want a new place to call home, we welcome all and look forward to playing with you!

Message me in game on this guy, I'll toss you an invite.
We've gotten some new members:)
Guild is leveling pretty fast, should be level 2 today!:)

We are currently in need of DPS in all shapes and forms, along with some Healers! (HPally, Resto Sham)

Looking for a new home in MoP? Come join us!
Hey, i was planning to transfer to alliance and would love to join your guild.
Hey awesome! We'd love to have you!
Tell me when your transferred!
Bump! Level 2 now fellas!
Bump! Still recruiting!

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