<Unpossible> H Madness Kill + Mount Sell

Area 52
bump for Unpossible
Make your reservation today!
Bump. Have an open spot for Tuesday 9/11 and possibly Thursday 9/13 as well. Contact Kelida or myself in game if interested.
Still looking; dropped our price!
Have a slot open for tonight for Madness AND Rag! Get your mounts before they are gone! Contact myself (Noladrew), Kelida, or Raedos for info!
Back on top ;)
Still have a slot open for 2 nite
Still have a slot open for this week. Cleared up to Madness just waiting for YOU!
This week has been locked down. We have ONE spot remaining next week before MOP drops!
Next week's Madness kill will have to be on Thursday or Sunday @ 9 server, btw. Any takers?
Sold our last Rag slot but we still have one H Madness slot for next Thursday or Sunday!
If I was cool and wanted to buy the title and mount from someone, I would totally buy it from Kelida. Clearly the best person ever to buy it from. Not biased at all. Or paid to bump the post.
Thanks Vin :P clearly not paid... if I could afford to pay people just to bump posts, we wouldn't sell runs to begin with!

Still have a spot open for next week, you pick the day - Thurs or Sun!
Of course I'm not being paid, "wink wink".

Now we have this awesome spot to sell. If only someone awesome would whisper Kelida and be like "Oh hey there, I'm really cool and heard you and your group of awesome players will take me through heroic DS for the lowlow price of something I have no idea of and is the best price ever" and then I would stop not being paid to bump this post from this evil hotel room.
Still have this open for the week! Last chance before MOP!
Thanks Kelida!
I bought the Kill+Mount and everything went very smoothly and quickly. I'd definitely buy another run from you in the future, and would recommend you to my friends. ^_^

Thank you!
<3 Kittylove

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