PvP Outside of Orgrimmar.

I take my hat off to the Alliance for giving me such a fun time tonight. This is what makes this game amazing. For those who participated if the 2 hour long World PvP I thank. I had so much fun and hope it doesn't stop.

I do have one thing to say though...

...be careful when you move to Panderia Alliance, we will be knocking at your fortress doorstep in Kun-lai Summit soon enough. ;)

For the HORDE!
People don't tend to come outside of Org anymore, since 20 horde come out to meet 5 alliance players. The horde are killing their own world PvP, so i doubt it will happen again. Just food for thought.
Its been great fun. :)
Why don't Horde attack SW for a change, lazy !@#$ horde ;P
'Cause it's soooo far away! hahaha And you guys out number us something stupid, so a bit of a punch up out the front of SW would end up in a 200 vs. 1

But I know a heap of our guildies often went to Goldshire & ruffled some feathers.

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