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Guild Recruitment
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What sets <Nexus> apart is we only raid 12 hours a week, and yet we strive to remain as competitive as possible on that schedule. In the past we have kept pace with guilds that have spent twice as many hours on the current tier of content while also achieving multiple faction firsts (we share our server with a "Top 10 World" guild).

<Nexus> has been around since late 2010 and since then we have become one of the preeminent raid teams/communities on Frostmane.

Successful applicants will be properly speced to maximize their ability to DPS/Tank/Heal and have chosen gear/item enhancements that are suited to that role. We look for players who are mature, communicative, patient, and critical of their own play.

We do not compromise on quality when it comes to raid performance. If you cannot take respectful criticism (there is no screaming raid leader on Mumble) a progression minded PVE raiding guild may not be right for you.

Current Progression:
4/6 Mogu'shan Vaults


Raid Schedule:
Monday 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM Server Time / CST
Tuesday 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM Server Time / CST
Wednesday 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM Server Time / CST
(Times are “invite sent” to “last attempt”)

8/8 Heroic DS
6/7 Heroic FL (pre-nerf)

US: 666th Kill 25m Ragnoros ^.__.^

Top 350 US Shannox

Faction Server First:

Faction Server First:

We understand everyone has a life outside of World of Warcraft, however we ask that you will be able to make our raid times at least 80% of the time since we will be raiding for a concise 12 hours each week. If you can not meet this requirement, please do not apply.

Raid Format:
25 man PVE progression raiding.

Loot Rules:
Loot Council

On our time in SWTOR: http://internetgames.about.com/od/mmorpgs/a/Swtor-Nexus-Guild-Leader-Interview.htm

"Solo" Alyzrazor Kill Covered by Tankspot's Lore: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MATgxH46peo

What new people say about Nexus:
"I just want to chime in here. I joined <Nexus> about 3-4 weeks ago. Man what a great ride its been.

I'm an old school raider, vanilla top progression. So much of that time I spent with my guild is nostalgic to the time I've spent here. The RL is professional, pragmatic, and holds people accountable to the raid. Members are competitive amongst themselves, and hungry for content. There's a cooperativeness to progress the guild that I haven't seen in years. Its one of those places that you bring your A-game to, because the team wont let you be carried when we raid.

Every week gets better and better, and if you're sorely looking for intelligent/competent players, give us a look!" - Hexxn

"Nexus was able to make me shine and improve myself as a raider. They progress at such a fast pace and take raiding very seriously with maintaining a relaxed atmosphere and making everything just flow well. Nexus truly would be the best possible option for a guild to start off in mist with." - Ívy

More Nexus Firelands Kill Videos:

Nexus Twitter:

Please visit http://www.wearenex.us to apply or whisper Marius, Malvydinn, Smiegz, Quacks, Tanakisha, Woßß, or Caladras on Frostmane for details.
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Still looking for exceptional applicants!
Get the door @ www.wearenex.us
You got 30 minutes! (to apply to the guild).
Ok not really. You can still apply.
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Nexus loves healers! JOIN US HEALERS.
Still looking for great players!
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I'm a hopeless romantic and medical doctor

find out more @ www.wearenex.us.
We have picked up some fantastic new recruits lately, but we are still looking to welcome more folks into the <Nexus> family.

Get more details at www.wearenex.us
Don't miss your chance to join the <Nexus> family!

Apply today at www.wearenex.us or come drop by Frostmane and send one of our friendly Nexuns a tell.
Good evening all you late night guild seekers!

See why life as a Nexun can be so good.

I've had some wonderful discussions with new recruits yesterday.

Don't miss out on all the fun!

Add me Malvidin#1710 and discuss how you can be a part of the <Nexus> family today!


See why life as a Nexun can be so good.


Reasons why life as a Nexun is good:

1. Component and organized leadership.

2. An energetic and fun community.

3. Dominos.
We have picked up some excellent recruits but we are looking to add more!

Don't miss out on this great opportunity.

Add Malvidin#1710 to your RealID and let me tell you how <Nexus> can be the guild for you in Mists and beyond!

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