[Well Read] uncompletable now?

Have they said anything about what will happen to the Well Read achievement, with the release in 5.0.4 of the new Scarlet Halls/Monastery and Scholomance instances? The old SM Library had 13 of the books for this achievement, conveniently, though each of them can be found elsewhere also as far as I know. Old Scholomance also had several ... and was the only location in Azeroth for _The Invasion of Draenor_, apparently. So now that this achievement can't be finished from scratch, will it become a Feat of Strength? Will they put the various books back into Scarlet Halls and Scholomance, or scatter them (or at least the crucial one) in other Azeroth locations? Any word?

I still have it listed as a regular achievement so it hasn't become an FoS.

Also, AFAIK, the "old SM" isn't going anywhere. Much like Deadmines was a regular instance at lvl 12-15 or whatever and the Heroic was at 85. Scholo I'm not sure on if they're updating it to a completely new instance like they did Naxx and Ony, but in any case, I'm sure it'll still be included in the new version.

I wouldn't worry about it.
You may wanna go look at both SM and Scholo. They have in fact updated to brand-new versions - SM is now Scarlet Halls/Scarlet Monastery instead of four instances, and Scholo is actually linear now. Or check your Dungeon Journal in-game for maps. RFC has also updated to the new RFC already. Just sayin'!

So yeah, worried, cuz the change is already in-game as of 5.0.4 .

I was bored....... so thght abt running this achievement.....Surprise Surprise A very cleaned up Scholomance and SM/SH :( can't find any books. So i guess that's and end to this achievement thn...... Blizz plz do sumthing. I wanna read up on lore a bit. Its interesting in its own way.
Having the same issue. =/ I think the books just need to be patched in, it was most likely an oversight they had.
I was doing this achive also since there is nothing to do in game for 3 more weeks and guess what? I can not complete it. If it cannot be completed anymore make it a FOS or fix it so we can complete it! The Invasion of Draenor is the book that cannot be found anywhere else.
I started the Achevment today, I was able to find all the books but 1 (the ones removed from teh dungions are located in other places as well). The 1 exception is The Invasion of Draenor. It seems that Scholomance was the only place in the game that anyone knows of was located. Like I said the rest can be found in other places but I am still unable to compleat this..... a wasted morning for me I guess.
I'm sure they'll create a new place for it eventually. I've liked this thread in hopes they notice it faster.
Good idea I liked it also, I liked everyone's replys in this post also.
Also like the idea, and the posts.
Still no update on this one?
I know that Blizzard is super busy with the imminent launch of MoP....... but please if anyone has seen this thread...... try to resolve it as soon as possible. Apart from the achievement, the lore of WoW is exciting to read :) (and plz plz.... pretty plz don't make it a Feat of Strength or sumthing)
I wanna read too =(
I'm pretty sure most of the books that were found in Scholomance and SM can be found in other places...
I opened a ticket for this and got this response:

Should be fixed upon MoP release.

So, we'll get it in mop. :(
09/13/2012 11:31 AMPosted by Tenay
I'm pretty sure most of the books that were found in Scholomance and SM can be found in other places...

Most yes, but not all. Invasion of Draenor was only in Scholomance pre 5.0.4.
No luck finding the Scholo SM or Gadgetzten books as of. 12/15
nice necro
I was looking at it today and there aren't as many books listed as there use to be. Very disappointed. I REALLY MISS WOTLK DAYS! ):
I found every book, even the scholo books, in alternate places EXCEPT <The Seven Kingdoms>. Anyone know where it can be found?

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