Missing AddOn Button 5.0.4

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i have the same problem .. the addon button isnt in my character log :/ idk how to fix it..
Someone help me please.
Same problem here.
Let me ask this. Does your desktop look like this?


Notice the extra WoW folders on the desktop.
Mine is just loading World Of Warcraft and not the 64 thing. But the add on button isn't showing up. We just downloaded WoW on both our brand new laptops so it's all current and there are no old folders or anything from before MOP.
I'm having the same problem =/
Here is the Fix

Open your World of Warcraft\WTF\config.wtf file in Wordpad, then add the following line:

SET fixedfunction "1"

Save the file and start the game

Happy Gaming :-)
I am having a problem i downloaded them correctly in the addons folder and it shows up in the folder but the button dose not show up on the three i have 64, luncher and one with out the 64 and try all of them but still nothing
ok i figured out that its the wrong folder but then should i create a new folder in interface for my addons i have a mac
I am missing my addon button in the character screen, please can some one give me a step by step process as to how i can fix this problem. I'm no computer programer. could some one please help me.

Thank you!!!

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