[H] Grey Eminence 8/8HM needs you 10M MOP!

Area 52
Hello all,
Like with all end of expansion comes the inevitable truth that some people lose interest. Currently we are raiding once a week and downing 8/8hm DSlike every other guild. The core is strong and we have been together for a while. However, we started DS late in the expansion so we are raiding with many player's alts. Obviously with Mists coming out some players have made their choice to go full time on their 25 man guilds. It is important to note that we are very experienced and skilled players. Raidbots and world of logs can prove this. However because many of us go to school and work we can only find the time to raid on the weekends. I realize that we will not get the cream of the crop because of this constraint. However, we are the cream of the crop ourselves. As long as you are decent, willing to learn, and adaptable you will thrive with us. Our warlock is proof of this. Early on his dps was bad but he has come a long way.

These are our logs: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/214803/
Website is still in production.
Raid Times: At the moment we full clear on sat 8:30EST-11EST
BUT in MOP: Tentative schedule is :Fri 10:30EST-1:30EST
Sat 7EST-10EST
We know it will be weekends though.

Enough of this. If you have questions feel free to leave a post here, in game mail, or add me to real id: spictacular212@gmail.com

We will be needing:
1 Mage
1 Boomkin
Going to bed. I will check this tomorrow afternoon. Gnight!
Good afternoon!
Will check tonight!
I will check this tomorrow. Feel free to in game mail or realID request me. Gnight!
Updated needs. Thanks!
Those times are great for my girlfriend and I. We could have 100% attendance. We are experienced raiders looking for a core spot to raid in MoP. I know our classes don't fit your requirements but I feel like we would be a great addition to your Core Raiding group. :) Thanks for your time and consideration, I hope we can sway your decision into accepting us into your core. I will try to get into contact with you in-game, if I cannot I will check this thread regularly.
Mage spot filled. Need boomkin! ReadID me. Mail me in game. Post here. Or speak to anyone in the guild and they can get me.

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