Selling a Magic Mountable Chicken.

For sale is one Magic Rooster Egg. This magic egg was acquired at great cost and personal suffering to myself. I will not let it go cheaply. Only substantial offers will be considered.

I will provide verification of the merchandise to anyone who wishes to ensure I do indeed possess a Magic Rooster Egg for sale. Please notify me here of your desire to see the egg and I will give you a date and time.

At the given date and time you will arrive at The Shady Lady tavern near Stormwind's Dwarven District. You will dress in black. You will enter the tavern, go to the bartender, and loudly order two flasks of port. Afterwards, remark that the snowfall in Alterac is heavy this time of year. An associate of mine will then approach you and show you the Magic Rooster Egg. He will then leave the tavern. You may leave no less than five minutes afterwards. Failing to abide by any of these directions will mark the end of any dealings I have with you.

If a price can be agreed upon between myself and a buyer, the final transaction will take place at an undisclosed location in Silithus. The details will be given in private. You will accommodate any and all conditions I stipulate. I will have guards with me. You may have one companion with you when we make the transaction. Your companion must be either a human, gnome, or dwarf.

Substantial offers only.

NB: Purchase of the Magic Rooster Egg will include complementary inclusion of a Violet Hat.
((Interested, will send you my realid in game, though I think you may already have it...))
That's awesome. I wish more trades were done in such fashion.
08/31/2012 09:00 PMPosted by Cantara
That's awesome. I wish more trades were done in such fashion.

Are you part of the Party Van?
No, where do I catch it?
09/01/2012 10:11 AMPosted by Cantara
No, where do I catch it?

It catches you

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