Help me pick a realm.

I want to transfer to a NY Data Center PvE realm.
I will be playing on the Alliance side.

These are the realms that I am looking at:


Please respond with any information and comments that you think would be helpful.

P.S. - I am also looking for a large guild to join. I want a level 25 guild with a clean chat, and helpful people. I would rather not belong to a guild with a wierd/stupid name, something classy like the one I'm in now would be great.

P. P. S. - I have already visited the web sites,,, and and looked at the realms listed. I would like your opinions on the above realms.

Thank you for your help.
Okay. Turalyon.

Okay. Turalyon.

Okay. Turalyon.


That about sums it up.
Join us. We have cookies.

You could try <Only Class> but your literary skills suggest that you two are not a match.

More reasons to join? Turalyon's statue stands at the for-front of Stormwind. We have some top end PvE Progression raiding guilds. An extent of World PvP. Plenty of fun people. "I've been told our Trade chat is tamer then most servers." Populations decent. And we have the first place winner of Blizzcon 2010's costume contest :D Nadina.

Make sure to also check out Fimbulvinter's still not stickied Thread on our realms PvE progression.
Duskwood and Khadgar are pretty terrible.

I'd go with either Turalyon or Ysera if you want to play with people that don't fail at this game.

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