<Adept> 10 man 6/6 MV LFM DPS/Heals

Who we are:
Adept is a ten man guild that focuses on progression raiding while having a great time. Our team is recruiting progression minded raiders to push through all content in this tier and beyond. Our team is comprised of skilled raiders, all of whom can be counted on for their performance, situational awareness and aptitude for the game.

We are recruiting players of all classes and specs for MoP. We're looking to build a quality team that can progress through Heroic content. If you're the type of player that enjoys a laid back progression atmosphere but strives for personal perfection, we're looking for you.

We raid: Tues/Wed/Thurs from 8:30 (EST) -- 11:30(EST) 9 hours per week.

We don't raid long but we do use every minute of our available raid time to get through progression. We're looking for people who are in it for progression, not purples.

Recruitment Needs:
Melee: Death Knight
Ranged: Priest, Boomkin, Lock and Mage
Healer: Shaman, Druid or Monk

We like to keep a roster of around 12-13 raiders. We do not recruit for the bench. We're also recruiting people not interested in raiding. Eventually Battleground groups will get started as well as an alt run for those who can't make the main raid times but still want a reliable group to run with each week.

Loot Distribution is handled through a no nonsense Loot Council that considered performance, attendance and other factors

Who we're looking for

We're looking for players who can have a good time (this is a game) but give it there all for three hours a night three nights a week. Players who are in it to see bosses die, players who are interested in defeating the hardest encounters available on an accessible schedule. Players who are able to be self critical and self correcting.

Who we're not looking for:
Players who play for gear alone
Players not interested in progression
Players who don't want to spend time to improve themselves.

Check out our website at: http://www.adeptguild.us or if you prefer hit me up on Real ID (drjnova@gmail.com) or Sagan (natebeasley2012@gmail.com).
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