8/8HM, Lvl 25 Guild Recruiting for MoP

Area 52
<Paradoxum> Level 25, 8/8 HM DS guild, recruiting for MoP!

Who we are:

A guild tag carries a reputation, we are proud of ours. We are a close knit group operating a stable, three and half year old guild with strong leadership. Started as a casual raid team progressing through early Wrath content we have grown in numbers and have become a more serious, semi-hard core raiding guild. Looking to push content faster and harder in Mists of Pandaria.

You won't find us to be one of the guilds that invites the multitudes in to appear big or help level. We do not auto spam for invites, nor are we a leveling guild. You must have a max level toon in guild to level your alts here as well. We have found that keeping our numbers small has kept us drama free and a fun, safe environment to hang out in.

We prefer a 21+ membership, but mature teens are welcome to apply. Being a team player, willing to give and take constructive criticism and praise graciously along with being skilled and reliable are more important than age. As a guild, overall, we enjoy working on achievements together. Running old content and mount runs, transmog and grinding our weekly personal caps together.

We raid weeknights, Tuesday/Wednesday, 7:45 to 11PM server and Thursday, 7:45 to 10:30PM server. A weekend group is being considered but not full as of this time.

Raiding with us:

What we can do for you:
Stable, supportive and consistent guild and raid team
Strong leadership with officers that have years of experience
Skilled, knowledgeable players that work well together
A willingness to help others and work together
Regular and consistent raid days and times
High standards set for ourselves
A close knit group with a good attitude and team players
We do not expect any more from each other than we are willing and able to do ourselves

What you can do for us:

Know your class well and be proficient with it
Be a team player
Keep the commitment you make to attending all raid nights on time and ready to run
Let us know as soon as possible if something has come up and you can not raid on a specific night
Your professions must be leveled high enough to get the raiding perks you made them for
Your gear must be completely and correctly gemmed, enchanted and reforged
You must have a facebook account and be willing to join our (private) facebook group. It is how we stay in touch outside of game.
You must have vent and a mic and be willing to use it
Be able to take directions and follow them well

We are a group of team players that looks at the group as a whole, gear distribution is loot council and gear is placed where it will do the group the most good to help us with progression.

We are looking for:

People on their main character. Someone that is going to level that character first in MoP and be raid ready within two weeks time.

**Looking for a Shadow Priest and/or a Fire/Arc Mage. ** Active player in guild and strong team member for core group. Also looking for backup raiders. Past raid experience and logs required. You can contact in game: Azreil, Gimpdps or Hotmon.

Casual and Social, Level 85 characters are always welcome!

For more information please visit our (in progress) guild web site.

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