Allow us to change demon name without random

I want to see warlocks be allowed to rename demons without having to keep random generating it. In light of the talent changes in 5.0.4, if you take the Fel Imp option then you loose your demon's name to a new one.

I had Adapap as my Imp's name since release (Nov 2004) and became attached to it. I took the fel imp and still had Adapap until I zoned into a dungeon then suddenly he's gone and Fiz'tok was in his place. I want the ability to change his name without randomizing through a giant list back to his original name.

After talking to a GM this morning, there is no function they have nor anything in game like the hunter's have for changing the pet names. As of right now, hunters merely have to visit a friendly scribe to obtain a Certificate of Ownership to change the name. Warlocks can visit their trainer but must randomize the name. I fully understand the desire to keep demonized names so a compromise could be to allow picking from the list used to randomize the names.
You're summoning an already living being, which would already have a name.
Maybe so, but warlocks renaming their could simply be looked at as nicknaming them instead. Of course, giving them the option to rename them would still work, they are forcing them to do their bidding its only natural warlocks force them to take on a new name.
09/01/2012 10:17 AMPosted by Ellypsis
You're summoning an already living being, which would already have a name.

Say there is a kid named Charlie running in the neighbourhood. You call him up to help you move a flower pot. But before he is able to help you, you say, FROM THIS DAY ON YOUR NAME IS RON! Doesnt seem right does it. Whereas a hunter who tames a wild animal and brings it up calls it because its like a dog or a cat.
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They're slaves

It's more a pact/contract. I bring them out of the nether and they agree help me kill things.

If anything it's magi elementals that can have the name change.
What if we instead summoned a different Demon every time, kinda like the DK raise dead?

Altho I do sympathize, I have spent literally thousands of Gold trying to get something close to my original Demon's names back.
Who cares?

They're slaves. Enslaved demons.

It was pretty common for slaves in real life to have their names changed. Whether you look at african slaves during the 1800's or roman slaves in the 100's. As a slave you are property, and property can be renamed to whatever the heck the owner wants to name it.

That said, if your demon had it's named changed due to a bug just open a GM ticket. Tell him exactly what the name was and he'll fix it for you.

Not only are not all of them slaves, not all of them are even *on* contracts.

Observers serve you willingly, you cannot enslave a Observer due to it's migratory patterns, it would simply be impossible.

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