Dath Remar server <Atlanta> 5/8HM Recruiting

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Atlanta is currently recruiting raiders and social players.

We are looking for a few more committed raiders able to fill core raiding spots in either of its two teams. Currently we run 2 DS raids fri sun 8 to 10 30 serveer time and 8 to 1030 monday. We currently run FL thursdays nights and will continue into mop with this structure witht e easier rai being an open invite.

We are a social progression guild and are looking for some committed core players able to attend most nights to fill some key tanking, healing and DPS spots.

In special need is an OT for the monday run with a main healer and a healer with a dps spec. The main progression run would be intersted to hear from another healer with dps asperations.

We are a fun relaxed group who in a very short amount of raiding time get an uncanny amount of HM kills.

We run vent and have a detailed web site. Happy to help new raiders and run them at the start trhough the older content raids as well as the easier new ones as they are learning.

This guild has options for all sorts of players from committed HM raiders through to social old content players. I would be really keen to hear from all

Check us out on http://atlanta.wowstead.com for an application or jsut message me in game.

Hope you like what you see
have a key spot for ahealer open on monday nights raid teams are starting to be full but will be happy to look at quality raiders and social players still

http://atlanta.wowstead.com for applications or message in game
`still looking for tanks and heals socials and a healer for monday night runs
have healing spots open at present i would really like to fill currently 6/8 and had lock out issues last week to finish of the HM.

Would love to hear from a committed priest shammy or holy pally healer especially
We are lookng for a healer for the friday sunday team. Hae shammy druid now so priest will fit in well. Will be doing progression based raiding in mop
Social healers and range dps still loved in Atlanta so many raids to choose from as well as active old school raids great environment to learn to raid or social fill when available

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