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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
NOT RECRUITING FOR RAIDERS. Open to applications for Members who want to be in an NZ guild. Updated 21 October 2012

Damage Controll is a horde raiding guild (3/6 MV) on Nagrand. We were created just before Cataclysm as a laid back and relaxed raiding guild for Kiwis. Since that time, the guild has grown enormously. We now count both Aussies and American-type people among us, and support 3 raiding groups. We also have many achievement junkies in the guild and frequently run old raids and do other achievement-related fun. We still maintain a relaxed, fun atmosphere and happily recruit non-raiders. As such, all guild applicants should have a good sense of humour and respect their fellow guildies.

We require our raiders to:-
    Know their class/spec (keep up to date with any changes)
    Have fully gemmed/enchanted/reforged gear prior to each raid (this rule will probably not be enforced until sometime after Mists raiding happens)
    Research fights prior to raid times
    Be online on time (or let us know ahead of time if you can't)

In exchange, Damage Controll will provide you with:
    Guild paid repairs (alts included)
    Gems/enchants from the guild bank

If you are still interested, our current raid groups and recruitment priority are listed below. All times listed are oceanic server times (AEST). If you're in New Zealand, add 2 hours (so 6pm becomes 8pm). If we are not recruiting your class currently, we still encourage you to post an application. Each 10M raiding team has 12 members to allow to Real Life absences.

Team Damage Dealers: Fri 6-9pm. Sun 4:30-7:30pm. Team is now full.
Note - for progression, this team occasionally runs three times a week e.g. also Thurs 6-7:30pm.

For more information please check out www.damagecontroll.org, or come online and speak to an Officer. Whispering any guild member should tell you if any of them are on!
Bump! Would love some new blood - members and raiders alike!
Changed original post to show updated requirements.

CF looking for a Shaman - Elemental with Resto OS
DD are looking for either a Paladin - Retribution with Protection OS, or Druid - Boomkin with Guardian OS.
DD are still looking for a paladin - retribution, preferably with Prot OS, or a Druid - Boomkin with Guardian OS. If you're interested, please check out www.damagecontroll.org.
Still looking for a Boomkin druid with tank or healing offspec for our team which raids Friday and Sunday nights NZ time. If you're interested, let us know!
DD are looking for either a Paladin - Retribution/Holy with Protection OS, or Druid - Boomkin with Guardian OS.

1/6 MoV on first night.
Hello, I tried throwing up an App on your website, although I'm not sure if it was succesful when i submitted it or not... ?
Hi Soppingwet. No application has come through that I can see. You have to register on the site before you can apply, so perhaps try that?

DD are now looking for a Ranged DPS with a strong preference for a Hunter.

2/6 MoV
bump for more kiwis!!
Our guild is looking for a hunter for our Friday/Sunday evening raid team, plus welcome any kiwis (or those who can raid kiwi times) for our Wednesday (or potentially Monday) night team.
Main raiding team full, we welcome people who want to get our second raiding team going or just want to be in a kiwi guild.
chur my yo ^^
Raider recruiting closed. NZ based people who want to join a kiwi guild are welcome.

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