Looking for 25m Raiding guild.

I offer Fury warrior, Fire Mage , Survival hunter
"specs could change in the future if other specs begin to outperform on dps"

My availability (all times are based on server time"
Tuesday/Wednesday "any time"
Rest of the week "8am-3pm or 5pm-9pm

(about me)
I've been raiding with the warrior since Vanilla however the mage/hunter are recent characters with little raid experience outside of Lfr.

I would consider myself more than competent when it comes to raiding though due to working the night shift I find myself unable to raid during prime hours more than two days I week so I am looking for a more casual position to fill spots for your other guild members that have less than stellar raid attendance.

Armory link for warrior

The other 2 don't really have anything not worthy in the way of achievements because they were both created in the last 6 months for the sole potential of escaping the pitfalls of melee dps during mop.
Dishonor Elite is recruiting for the core. We are a 25 man progression raiding guild with the goal of top200US in MoP. We are mainly in need of ranged dps but all spots are open to solid/competitive players.

We raid Tue/Wed/Thurs 7-11 server


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