[H] Resonate 10m 8/8H LFM RESTO SHAMAN

Bleeding Hollow
Horde | Bleeding Hollow | US

Formerly Carebears, Resonate is a group of players with large amounts of experience consisting mostly of US Top 30+ play. We've all been in the situation where we raid for 5+ nights a week, and most of us just can't accomodate that schedule and style of life anymore. As such, the guild was started to serve our needs to play hard on a short schedule.

We're pretty easygoing, however raid time is business time, and we want to ensure that we preserve our mantra of quality above quantity.

Our notable achievements in Cataclysm include a realm first Heroic: Ragnaros kill, as well as a US 27th Heroic: Madness of Deathwing.

    Raids start at 8pm EST and end at 11pm EST on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.
    We employ a +1 rule where we raid an extra fourth day ONCE per month, if we feel the rate of progression on a particularly challenging encounter is sufficient enough to reach a kill with an extra day; that extra day is always decided on together as a group.

    Restoration shaman with a strong DPS offspec.
    Enhancement Shaman OR Hunter OR Windwalker Monk

What we're looking for from you:
    - Have the base amount of gear required to function at the current raid level.
    - The ability to understand that on a 3day schedule, commitment is everything.
    - A willingness to actively communicate, especially during pressure.
    - Doesn't mind the extra work that goes into spreadsheeting, simming, and any other external research.
    - An active drive to play with consistency and seeks to improve rather than regress.
    - A strong understanding that we raid for progress, and that loot is ALWAYS a lesser concern.

How to apply:
    Simply drop an application for us at http://resonate.shivtr.com/

Contact Us:
    Feel free to contact me via in-game mail at Vaiur, or via battletag at Vaiur#1338.
Make total destroy.
Looking for that dark blue raidframe.
wtb more xiic in here
Xiic will be with us shortly. :)
09/03/2012 07:43 PMPosted by Fireflame
wtb more xiic in here

Can you afford me?


Tring, Cutest Shaman US
Trings a !@#$%^ and why the -*!@ am i still in this guild. #$%^ you Minty.
Free bump, good luck guys.

Edit: Tring are you really the cutuest? Why don't i have an autograph then!
WTB skilled players.
Somewhere out there in the vast densely-populated awesomeness of BH is a resto shaman who will make my heart flutter.
That was ... beautiful, man.
Looking for that shaman.
Also one of the DPS listed (enhance sham, hunter, or windwalker monk).

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