Signed into Remote Chat, but shouldnt be

Mobile Bug Report
I am currently signed in on this character into "remote chat" but i do not have the mobile app installed on my phone.
I tried it a few weeks ago and uninstalled it, haven't had any issues with it until now. So why and how am i signed into remote chat on a my main when I'm playing my alt and do not have the app?
Yeah I just noticed this also. Nothing I do will log me out either. I can turn off the app. Log it out and COMPLETELY UNINSTALL THE APP! And yet it still has me online in remote chat 24/7.

They need to fix this.
I am having the same issue. Has anyone heard anything about a resolution?
I'm having the same issue as well. Hopefully there is a resolution out to know what it is though.
Same issue, guild window always shows "remote chat" and never the zone I'm in.

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