403 resto shaman 8/8HM lf GMt+8 raiding guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
I looking for a gmt+8 guild to raid together in MOP.
I'm 8/8Hm experience as resto shaman. Looking forward to heal again in MOP raid.
i'm available to raid on weekday 8.30pm GMT+8 (10.30pm server time) onwards.
Hey Badlover,

<Litany of Fury> is one of the top 10 man Thaurissan gmt + 8 guilds that is in dire need of a resto shaman! We raid Wed, Thurs and Mon from 11 ST to 3 ST.

For more information please go to http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4081817631 or visit our website http://litanyoffury.wowstead.com/.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Hey Bad,

I just got your in game mail, but I'll be at uni all day, so I passed your real ID onto our healing lead. He will contact you soon hopefully. Hope it goes well, and thanks for the quick response! Hope to have you soon :)

Currently the top raiding guild on Dreadmaul-Horde, Cruelty is recruiting players to improve our roster further for the drive in to MoP. We are currently trying to recruit a few extra players to fill out a 25 man raid roster to compete for high oceanic ranks!

Created in Wrath, Cruelty has always striven to clear all current content in a timely manner. We recently achieved a Realm First Madness kill to secure our spot at the top of Dreadmaul for the remainder of Cata. We are currently in a great position to be the realm first guild again in MoP.

Guild Achievements:
11/12 HM 25 ICC
12/12 HM 10 ICC
13/13 HM Tier 11
7/7 HM Firelands
Realm First Madness of Deathwing 8/8 HM
Currently after a few different classes, however, especially interested in the following:
Melee: Warrior/DK/Sham preferred
Ranged: Mage/Boomy preferred
Heals: Only exceptional healers will be considered.
Monks: Taking on monk applications, please have some logs from your current raiding character ready to show us.

Applicants will want to have experience in some HMs before apping and a few log parses to show us. Please take a few minutes when you app to put some effort in as this really seperates good apps from bad ones.

BattleTag: Thrael#1884
Officers: Thrael, Zaliaa, Illusion
Web: www.cruelty-guild.com

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