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Aerie Peak
Wayward Enforcers is currently actively recruiting! We're a mature, socially friendly, and highly motivated "casual" raiding guild. While we only specifically recruit towards filling our established or new raid teams, we are always looking for people that enjoy spending time in game with each other. WE has been around for over six years, and regularly hold guild events for even those people who's gaming appetite does not fall in the raiding mindset. Our sixth birthday bash will be taking place shortly after Mists of Pandaria is released, with door prizes and contests (with more prizes!) All are welcome to join the guild, but we are specifically recruiting right now for some of our raid teams.

We currently feature three raid teams, ranging from semi-hardcore to fairly casual.

Our first team raids 4:00 - 7:30 pm server/PST and is highly motivated and looking for progression-minded raiders. They are an 8/8H DS group pre-patch, and intend on being a semi-hardcore 10-man raid team in MoP. (Raid leader: Scytarska)

Needs: None at the moment, however anybody wanting to serve as a regular fill-in is welcome!

[quote]Our second team raids 6:00 - 9:00 *AM* server on Saturdays, and 4:30 - 7:30 *PM* on Mondays. They are also focused on progression. They were a 6/8H DS group pre-patch. Team 2 is largely built on flexibility where possible (at least half of our team have young children) so we value hybrid classes that can fill multiple roles if necessary or even people who don't mind bringing in an alt once in a while if necessary. (Raid leader: Baptism)

Needs: None at the moment, however we're always looking for quality people that can rotate in.

What qualities team 1 and 2 are looking for:
  • - We want players that are there not just for half a raiding tier or even a full tier. We want players who will be dedicated and be there with us for the expansion, and hopefully beyond.
  • - All players must be comfortable speaking on Vent or Mumble. With many fights, communication between players is a key point in succeeding in the encounter.
  • - Players that understand their class well enough to determine which stats/specs/gems/glyphs, etc. are best and in which situations they're not.
  • - Individuals that bring to the raid more than just their skill and raid awareness. While we aim for progression, we expect positive raiding attitudes, people that don't become easily upset, people that are there to have a good time with a group of other people.
  • - Priority to go to the raid team, whenever reasonably possible. Things do inevitably come up in real life, and sometimes you just can't be there. We understand that. But we won't accept people who freely choose not to be there for casual reasons. We want very reliable raiders who can maintain the responsibilities in their lives well enough to insure very high attendance rates. Missing raids shouldn't be a thing, it should be uncommon.
  • - Most of all, we want people who truly love raiding, people that don't become easily discouraged by wiping, people that recognize mistakes, especially their own mistakes, and work to do better every following attempt. This is most important, because it saves you from losing the motivation to raid halfway through. Bored, unmotivated raiders is bad for everyone.
  • So, to conclude, if you love raiding and want to join a serious raid team that will also balance in the fun times, and you think you can also manage to fulfill the above expectations, then we'd love to hear from you. You can contact Scytarska, Baptism, or any member in-game if you have questions or interest in joining.

[quote]Our third and final team is decidedly more casual. It raids on Wednesdays at 3:00 - 6:00 pm server / PST. They are looking for people that are interested in either learning raiding or have time constraints that limit the amount of time they can raid. This team is commonly assisted by alts of those on our other two raid teams. (Raid leader: Jaedee)

If you're interested in joining any team, joining the guild to be considered a regular fill-in, or just interested in joining a stable, mature guild with quality people, feel free to contact anybody in the guild and they can direct you to an officer. All are welcome to join the guild!
Bump. 3rd team is getting revamped into a "more than once a week" status, however exact schedule isn't determined yet-- likely Tues/Thursday or Tues/Wednesday, again, start times probably 6 or 7pm EST for three hours. The team has some very experienced raiders that are coming back for Mists.
Just an update: The Wed/Thurs 4:00 PM - 7:30 PM server team is looking to fill one final spot with a healer. We're looking for an experienced Resto Druid, preferably with a Balance off-spec.

If you're interested in solid progression and think you have what it takes to be awesome, hit me up in game with a whisper or send me an in-game mail, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Saturday/Monday team is likely in need of another healer as well, or a DPS with healer OS. Preferably paladin or monk. Hit me up or another guild member in game to get ahold of one of the raid team members or myself.

Also, team three is no longer a "casual" team, and will instead be raiding Tuesday/Wednesday. Hit Ghend up in game for more info.

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