6.1 Fire Mage PvE Guide

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Well, it seens our new fire rotation is to:

/cast Teleport: Orgrimmar
Respec to arcane/frost
Reforge and Re-gem and start over
12/02/2012 07:52 AMPosted by Intervir
/cast Teleport: Orgrimmar

more like Dalaran
Can someone please help me out? I have been following guides and doing all rotations right.

I cant seem to hold above 60k dps on single target boss fights.

Is it my gear, stats, or anything else?

Please help your fellow mage :] any tips would be appreciated.

it is not your gear, i use to do about 75k on single target fights ( before the big nerf)

try using rune of power, use living bomb and refresh it right before it falls off, and everything i am telling you is probably worthless because fire was nerfed pretty bad..so you might want to try arcane.
fire is way lower than arcane and frost after patch 5.1 and the hotfix nerphing combustion.
Why is there a Fire Mage PVE guide on this forum? No one uses that broken spec any more.
This guide is interesting after the nerf. I click the OP and saw his armory to be frost and arcane...
12/05/2012 08:16 AMPosted by Draagun
Why is there a Fire Mage PVE guide on this forum? No one uses that broken spec any more.

Some people choose to play their favorite spec regardless of its viability, so I'll always keep the guide updated. And it may be buffed or become the preferred spec in later tiers, so there's no real need to remove the sticky.

12/05/2012 09:54 AMPosted by Keigä
This guide is interesting after the nerf. I click the OP and saw his armory to be frost and arcane...

Personally, I play my favorite spec as long as it's competitive, so I played Frost until last Thursday, when I decided to give Fire a try, so I changed my gems and reforges. Friday they released the hotfixes on Fire, and since it was nerfed so hard, I switched back to Arcane/Frost. I'm still aware of theorycrafting involved with Fire and do research on it, I'm just not doing any raiding atm with the spec.
Blizzard always do this and i am really over it.

I focus an enormous amount of time getting crit gear and playing what would have to be the most challenging style in the history of wow. I was just getting the hang of it and its all thrown away because a critical change.

Some1 says challenging?

To have to reapply a dot every 15 sec or change of targets, a buff that takes 5.7 sec while stationary to channel can be interrupted and needs to be reapplied every 40sec. Then to wait for a combination of CDs, procs and crits, (or manually push my 2nd crit mid cast) to unleash a POM, Pot of JS, Alter time, 2xPyro, IB, (FB or Pyro on proc), 2xPyro, and a Pyro or 2 on proc...to finally smash down Combustion. I get this usually only twice b/c of the AT CD and get a lesser version without 2 or 3 times.

Looks like rocket science I know but a lot of time went into it and perfecting it and it still had no guarentee's of working with random crap happening. But when it worked there was no class that could catch me ... Tell me another class that has it that hard and exciting? you cant.

Now all that cool game play is gone, I am really over it.

There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those that understand binary and those that do not.
I'm pretty confused as to why a guide would lose its sticky status. I understand that it's no longer the favored spec for T14, but PvE guides have never been removed from the top just because the particular spec wasn't viable for raiding. Point in fact, for Cata, the Frost PvE guide was left up there the whole expansion, even if the majority of the mage community chose to not play as Frost.
Uh, rereported for sticky I guess?
Regardless of fire spec competitiveness this is still a very detailed and helpful guide. Fire regains its glory with higher gear levels.
LMAO that this got unstickied.

OP, the reason they did this is simple. Blizzard is evil.

Your first post got reported for some reason, too. Wow. Ok, not only is Blizzard evil, but so is a good chunk of the player base.

There's just so much love in this community.

I went ahead and requested a sticky on general principles.
Woohoo stickied again
And good prevails over evil for the moment!

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