Looping - Frost Bomb / Nether Tempest Sounds

Bug Report
After using both Frost Bomb or Nether Tempest, not just myself but my friends as well have been consistently experiencing a looping sound that doesn't go away (nether tempest sounds like priest inner focus, and frost bomb sounds like the channeling sound of blizzard). I have tried both turning off all addons and have even gone as far as deleting my WTF, Cache, and Interface folders (its that annoying) with no success. The sound still comes back after using either one of those bombs (not necessarily after the first cast but eventually after using them several times). The sound makes it feel like a bomb is going to go off in my head if it doesn't stop!
Fixed my constant annoying sound loop by unticking "Deathknight voices." Bandaid for now.
5.0.5 didn't fix this.

Sad times.
The Sea Turtle Mount also has a delayed sound effect loop
I am getting this too, really annoying when aoe nether tempest farming, plz fix this blizz.
Please for the love of god fix this. This is the most annoying sound bug in years. Thank you.

Alittle more details - I have went thru all the sound channels in the system sound selection. flipped on and off hardware, basically did the whole 9 yards. Please PLEASE fix this.
Wasn't quite sure what it was; But confirmed I'm getting the sound loop as well.
Google "mute annoying wow sounds". Only works for you though. Temp fix until Blizzard gets their crap together.

\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS\Sound\Spells\PreCastMageLow.ogg
\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS\Sound\Spells\PreCastFrostMagicHigh.ogg
You would figure in the week+ they would fix this. But then again with 6 million subscribers who got tired o being let down, who walked away and all I see now is about 30% warriors, 30% dks and the other 40% spread with about 10% leading as priests and 10% as druids.. we the smaller percent left standing, IE - mages... guess we get stuck with the annoying sound till MOP. And then we get to enjoy it then to.. or will MOP installation actually contain a fix.

Makes you reconsider being a mage, let alone playing when a sound bug ruins your game play.
Confirmed, I too have the sound loop.
Please for the love of god fix this problem.
Bump, this is getting really old as i aoe farm with nether tempest, resulting in this sound for a long period of time. O and my raid group is probably getting tired of it since it starts from the first pull.
Bumping this because its getting old
Bumping this too. Hopefully they'll have it fixed with MoP.
I had this problem too with Nether Tempest but as soon as I took off sound reverb it went away and didn't come back.

EDIT: Never mind couple hours later it started up again.
Resinstalled the game from scratch, still there. No addons running.
Same, this needs to go. So annoying.
Glad to know I'm not going crazy. After a while it's almost kind of soothing... maybe I am going crazy.
I've been blaming it on my water elemental the whole time, but from what I've read this bubbling noise I'm getting on an infinite loop is because of frost bomb. It's so annoying, please fix this blizzard.

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