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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
I found this and thought it a good one to post in here for help on character development. It answers some questions and raises others to my mind. What you all think?
At least they definitively answered the Wastewander thing as well as giving us more to go on about Gilnean harvest witches, I know those topics have caused debates here from time to time.

That stuff about Cenarius being cool with the orcs killing him and implying (because a straight answer would be too easy) that Elune might be a naaru is crap though. :/
09/06/2012 11:33 AMPosted by Istella
Elune might be a naaru is crap though

Agreed. Lynara will strike at anyone who would suggest her goddess is a wind chime
Personally, i'm loving the Naaru angle.
09/06/2012 11:33 AMPosted by Istella
Elune might be a naaru is crap though. :/

Well they have been tweaking people a lot on this given in a prior Cdev they said she was a true goddess or something. Might be because Elune and the Naruu are related but not the same thing or something...

I like how they dropped a bridge on Me'dan personally.. <.<
Yes get Me'dan out of here. Then they can stop trying to take one of the few things that makes night elves not be purple humans away.
No matter what they explain awy there will always be questions. And I think it is hilarious that people think they are hiding something. I am sure they go through everyday looking at where the game is going and try to make plausible answers to everyones questions.

What if they don't know? What if the reason we get vagueness in the answers is because they do not know themselves if they should state that Elune is a Naaru or if the creepy underneath of the ruins of Lorderon is anything to worry about?

You know they love to tease us about some hint of something and then the specualtions go crazy! It's like a parent telling the kids ghost stories. You make them creepy and scary because the kids expect it, not because it is real. How many of you ask where Santa Claus goes when he is not busy making toys?

How about the Easter Bunny? Do rabbits lay eggs? And does it really matter? Its a fantasy world and meant to be mysterious and interesting! Just enjoy the game and stop with the insane questions!

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