[A] <Lzuruha> 7/16HM Recruiting for 25man Grp

Bump! 7-10PM Tues-Thurs Raid Times for Mop!
3 days until mop!
Still recruiting until midnight launch!
Bump for monks! and updated info page soon!
Bump! only sponsored guild on stormreaver =)!
Bump for 2/6!
bump up the jam!
e = mc squared!
bump and favorite quest contest for a free puffer here: http://mylzh.net/showthread.php?25983
A Free Puffer!?!?! I wanna wiN!!! <3
need more heals and dps
bump for pvp action and 3/16!

Free Pet to enter for! http://mylzh.net/showthread.php?26597
Still bumping and still contesting! Hurry because next week is the last bit of entries for http://mylzh.net/showthread.php?27272-Halloween-Giveaway-Contest!
Im stuck in a guild thats probably not going to raid, which is what Id like to do.

I have not yet done any MoP content. What are requirements to get in?
Raid iLvL and knowing MV currently. But as we progress it will keep updating! However we are looking for active raiding Shamans currently so contact an officer in game or visit http://www.mylzh.net/

Also the halloween prizes are being given out! Check your pm's if you won! Two claimed already!

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